My Best Moments in Brussels

I will leave Brussels in a few hours.

My best moments in Brussels in no specific order are:

1. My 21st birthday: I had an amazing 21st birthday. Not only was the day of my birthday great and I got lovely presents and backed myself a great birthday cake, no, but also was my 21st birthday party a few weeks later great. We had a Sex and the City themed party and a lot of great food.

2. My first and only Brussels Pub Crawl: I can not remember much of that night, but I remember that it was a lot of fun and that I woke up somewhere 45 minutes away from where I started the night.

3. My last night in Brussels: My friend Heng invited me to a lovely restaurant in Brussels and our friend Lei joined as well. Not only did we “celebrate” my move to England but also my friend Heng’s promotion. After our meal we burned the calories with bowling and after trying to find a good karaoke bar we went home to fall asleep in front of the laptops.

Celebrating my birthday on the 11.10 with my closest friends

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