Back in Brussels

I am finally in Brussels again and I enjoyed my time so far. I arrived yesterday at Gare du Midi and took a taxi to my friends house in Etterbeek. It is close to the Merode Metro and Tram station.

We went to the Funky Monkey restaurant in Schuhman and the food was absolutely delicious. It snowed a lot and we took a taxi home. My friend’s flatmates had a house party and were singing Karaoke and playing the piano while we were downstairs in Heng’s room reading books and feeling much older than we actually are. My friend Heng has finally started to read Fifty Shades of Grey, well she started reading the second book ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ without knowing about the first one and so far she really enjoys it. The light was on until nearly 3am last night. Oh, well actually she read it later on my iPad so that I could sleep. I finally had a good nights sleep. I slept around ten hours and I couldn’t believe it. I feel much better today.

Today we had brunch at Le Pain Quotidien and it was delicious. I ate things I shouldn’t eat with my PCOS and drank orange juice. Big NO NO but hey ho. It should be fine once in a while. At 8pm tonight I will leave Brussels to go to Cologne to see my family and friends. Tomorrow I finally go horse riding again with my friend Sabina. Followed by a planned dinner at Vapiano and then we might go out for a few drinks.

Last Friday I dropped George off at Liverpool Street rail station and he took the 1pm train to Ipswich with his grand mother. I nearly cried, I miss him so much. He enjoys his time at his grandparents and I am sure he doesn’t mind being away for two weeks.

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