Are restaurant customers with children less appreciated than those without children?

My friend, I and the three children between us spend the rather chilly morning on Brighton Pier and we were really looking forward to a meal at the Palm Court restaurant. We all have never been there and believe me nobody of us will ever return. We were placed from one waitress at a table for four, next to a table with a couple. The couple was not amused at all by the presence of our children. Before I continue I want to mention that all our children are used to going out for lunch and dinner at restaurants and are quiet and well-behaved. So it really isn’t that they are screaming, running and throwing food around. They made very clear that they weren’t happy about the situation and when the waitress offered to place them somewhere else they simple refused with the words ‘No we were here first’ . The waitress then took our orders but shortly afterwards another waiter came and asked us to leave as the table was for four persons and we were five of us. It was clearly not an issue space wise, because my friend’s children sat next to her on the bench and we didn’t use up any more space than four people would have done. We left and we will never return to this horrible place. They should have clearly dealt differently with the situation and not placed us there in the first place. It is their loss, not ours.

So what is it that an apparently family-friendly restaurants deals like this with such a situation? Why would you go to a restaurant when it clearly states to be children-friendly but you don’t like children? Should I contact their manager and complain? What are your opinions?

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