Lovely girlie afternoon

This morning I went to the GP and had my blood taken again. I’ll get the results tomorrow and then I might need another ultra scan. My GP prescribed me different painkillers too and I actually feel a bit better now.

My friend Svenja and her two girls Jocelyn and Mathilda came over in the afternoon to visit me and cheer me up. They have a dog called Sammy for a week’s long stay at the moment and he also came to visit me. What a lovely well-behaved little dog he is. Although George was missed by everybody we really enjoyed the afternoon. We played a German game called ‘Lotti Karotti’, watched ‘Bibi Blocksberg’ and ordered Dominos pizza. We had ice cream for pudding and even the dog was allowed to have a little bit. Tomorrow evening George will be back and I can’t wait. He had an amazing week with his grandmother and great-aunt and I don’t think he missed us in the slightest.

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