My London A – Z

I was in hospital as some of you might know and I was bored to death. After asking on Twitter what I should write about a lovely user suggested that I write about my personal London A-Z, so here we start.

A for Alexandra Palace – Great place to go ice skating in winter.
B for Big Ben – There must be a reason every tourist wants a picture of it, right?
C for Canary Wharf&City of London – where else would I get my ‘successful men in a suit’ fix?
D for Downing Street – 10 Downing Street is probably the most famous front door in the world.
E for Everything – I have my favourites, but I love everything about London. Why else would I have chosen to live here?
F for Fortnum&Mason – not everyday that you go shopping on the ‘red carpet’.
G for Green Park – Great place to hang out before or after Lunch at a restaurant close by.
H for Hedonism – my favourite wine shop.
I for I don’t know – I am seriously stuck on this. Something beginning with an I?!
J for John Lewis – There is no better department store on Oxford Street. 
K for King’s Road – I love everything about King’s Road, the shops, the cafes and the restaurants.
L for Leicester Square – Watching a film at the cinema wouldn’t be the same somewhere else.
M for Maggie&Rose – My life wouldn’t be the same without this wonderful private member club for families.
N for Nobu Berkeley Street – My absolute favourite restaurant in London.
O for Oblix – THE restaurant at The Shard.
P for Portebello Market – my favorite street market in London.
Q for the Queen – I am still waiting for her to invite George and me for tea.
R for Royal Opera House – My favourite opera house in the world.
S for Southbank – Nothing better than a walk on Southbank on a sunny day.
T for Transport for London – Too expensive, dirty and yet London wouldn’t be the same without it.
U for University of London – degrees awarded from the UoL are highly respected everywhere.
V for Victoria Station – where else can I get a train home at night? 
W for Whitehall – I love walking from Westminster to Trafalgar Square. So much history.
X for the X-crossing Oxford Circus – I think I get run over every time but I am still alive.
Z for Zuma – another excellent restaurant in London.


  1. May 29, 2013 / 10:29 pm

    Great list, I really enjoyed reading it. There are so many I would have used as well, South bank, Leicester Square, White Hall, John Lewis…but I totally agree 'I' would have me stumped too.

  2. May 30, 2013 / 10:25 am

    Learnt some new things from this list.

    Couldn't come up with anything from I apart from I LOVE LONDON lol!!

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again on Saturday

    Laura x x x

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