My first few days in Miami Beach

The wait for my well-deserved holiday was finally over on Saturday morning when the cab picked us up at 4:30am. I fell asleep in the cab and it felt like a ten minute drive to Terminal 3 in Heathrow Airport. The check in for my flight opened at 6am and after the check in I could relax a little bit in the Virgin Club House and do a little bit of shopping at the Duty Free shops. Not only can I call the Chanel ‘Black Satin’ nail polish mine but also two new MAC lipsticks – Mocha and Spirit.

At 10:20 am we could finally go to the gate and board the plane shortly after. The Virgin Atlantic staff is always incredibly friendly and helpful. They really treat their Upper Class and Premium Economy customers like royalty and I heard that the service in Economy is pleasant too.

After nine very long hours and lots of toddler screaming the plane finally landed in Miami. All I could think of was to get off the plane as soon as possible to avoid a long wait at immigration. Luckily I was one of the first people to leave the plane and the wait in the lines for immigration was less than 45 minutes. Within one hour of landing I could take the taxi to the airport. It didn’t take very long until we arrived at The Betsy in Miami.

The beach on Saturday evening.

The check in didn’t take too long and the room is just amazing. TripAdvisor just crowned The Betsy Hotel as the best hotel in Miami. After arrival at the hotel I quickly unpacked all the suitcases and off to the beach we went. The above pictures were edited with the app A Beautiful Mess. It was 7pm but the beach was still full of people and the water had a nice temperature.

After the beach we went to have dinner at a restaurant called ‘Il Bolognese’ on 1400 Ocean Drive close to the hotel. They have a basic menu but many more dishes are available. Tell the waiter what you like and you will get a fantastic meal. I fancied gluten-free spaghetti and seafood and this is what I got: Spaghetti al dente with lobster, baby octopus, mussels, shrimps and clams. This meal didn’t come cheap though. It costs $49 plus tax and gratuity.
Sunday we spent at my friend’s hotel, the Savoy. Another stunning hotel with a great pool and a private beach. The pool service is amazing, the staff would come round all the time serving us drinks and free lemon water with ice. Absolutely delicious. We swapped between the pool and the beach all the time, but I personally prefer the pool to the beach. Before dinner we shopped on Lincoln Road and I found a beautiful new blouse in H&M. We got ready to go out at another friend’s hotel, the Winter Haven. The Winter Haven is actually just down the block from the Betsy and the Il Bolognese restaurant is located there.

On Sunday night we went to Nikki Beach and had dinner. Even though it took them 45 minutes to serve us, the food was absolutely amazing. I ordered beef carpaccio as a starter and a South Beach Caesar salad with shrimps as a main. If I had known how large the portion of my beef carpaccio is I wouldn’t have ordered another main course. I couldn’t finish the main course and had to take the rest home with me.

Not a good quality picture, but this was my beef carpaccio.

Pretty much the whole of Monday I spent in my hotel room as I am not feeling very well. I managed to go out in the evening with my friends for dinner at Sushi Samba and for drinks (no alcohol for me) at the W Hotel in South Beach. Sushi Samba doesn’t compare to my favourite restaurant Nobu but it is still great food and the prices are lower than at Nobu.

I didn’t take many pictures yet, the reason being that on Sunday I wanted to relax and since Sunday evening I am in a lot of pain, thanks to a very horrible sunburn. I put on a lot of strong sun-creme every hour on Sunday, but the sun is too aggressive and I must have stayed for too long in the sun. Maybe I should do the same as you would do with your toddler or baby: Wear a t-shirt and shorts. Next time I know better. Usually I don’t have problems with the sun.

For all parents out there: The Babysitting Company is a great Babysitting agency. Should you ever stay in Miami or in the surrounding area give them a call.

A few more pictures from Miami:

Outfit from Sunday night
Savoy Pool
The Beach at 5th Street

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