Nervous me at the rather exciting interview for Sky News

On Tuesday I received an email from Tami Hoffman who works as an Interview Editor at Sky News if I would like to give an interview. The interview was about my opinion on England’s stay in the EU. She googled ‘German Blogger in London’ and my blog came first. I was really surprised, surely there must be more interesting Germans in London. On Tuesday evening I asked the ladies on Mumsnet what I should wear to the interview and I decided to wear a horse print dress from So Fabulous and brown ballerinas. George and I had to leave the house very early on Wednesday morning. At 7:45am the cab picked us up to the station and I was worried about rush-hour and got first-class tickets to Victoria. The train journey was rather enjoyable and George behaved well thanks to ‘Peppa Pig’ on the iPad. Sky News arranged a taxi and rather quickly we arrived at the prestigious 4 Millbank building in Westminster. The Sky News Studios are located on the second floor and not only George was impressed by the fancy lifts. It was very quiet in the studio and you couldn’t hear much more than the people tipping on their computer keyboards and the occasional phone call. I was offered a glass of water while George was munching away the home-made flapjacks his father baked the previous evening. I started to get nervous but was quickly greeted by the lovely makeup artist. She really did an amazing job with my makeup and I was very envious her makeup collection. I do own a lot of makeup but nothing compared to her. She used many MAC products on me and I have new inspirations next time I go MAC crazy. Back to the actual subject. George started to get bored halfway through my make up and ate more flapjacks. The interview was planned for 9:30 but pushed back to 9:45 and as you can imagine I started to get even more nervous. George was looked after by the make up artist and Jayne Secker.  They both must have done a very good job because George didn’t notice me leaving and he usually always does and starts crying. I sat in a small room, with a camera, lights and a screen in front of me where I could see Charlotte Hawkins and the other interviewee. Behind me was a blue screen with the EU logo as you can see in the interview. I was very nervous and it was weird speaking to somebody who wasn’t in the room on a screen that was on the floor while you had to look straight into the camera. Thinking I had more time to answer, then realising I didn’t I had to try to say as much as possible in a few sentences which isn’t easy when you are very nervous. I hope I wasn’t too bad and yes it is true, the camera adds at least 10 kg.

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  1. June 11, 2013 / 9:55 pm

    I think you did absolutely brilliant and its lovely to see you and put a face to your blog.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again this weekend

    Laura x x x

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