Feeling a little bit like Prince Harry

After drinks at the bar we went upstairs to experience the 3 bedroom duplex Tower Suite at the Encore. Let me tell you one thing: I never ever wanted to leave this place again. Back at home I am a fan of traditional and timeless interior design. I am surprised what Vegas does to me every time I am there. My values and taste changes as soon as the plane lands. First I want to show you the pictures taken by the management of the Encore hotel. The suite has a total of 5829 square feet. The house I live in only has 3000 square feet. Below is the floor plan of the suite.

The living and dining room with a full equipped wet bar.
The games room with billiard table
One of the three master bedrooms
One of the three bathrooms
The massage and exercise room

While my friend Sabina and I were still gasping for air and probably even dribbling a little bit of saliva on our tops, my friend Ethel quickly started serving drinks. She has spent many nights there and feels pretty much at home. We met her friends, three business men from Los Angeles, and shortly after everybody was introduced to each other and we started chatting. It must have been around 2am by that time. I honestly can not remember.

Most comfortable sofa I ever sat on.

It was in the middle of the night and we were not really hungry yet we made use of the 24 hour butler service and ordered everything we fancied on the menu. More drinks were served and we had great conversations about Las Vegas, Gambling and Poker. I was sitting there the whole time thinking if it was rude to ask if we could see the whole place. One of them must have read my mind and asked if we liked a viewing of the suite. Of course I did and I wanted to use the lift too. Yes, the suite has its own lift. Vegas style. I didn’t take many pictures and I didn’t take a picture of the lift but here are more pictures of the suite from an independent reviewer and blogger and he literally took pictures of every single details. After we seen the whole place I was sure I would never leave the suite again. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible. The guys went back to LA the next day and even if I could afford the place I have 1000 other things I would rather spend the money on. After showing us around we played billiard. I’ve never played billiard before and we made two teams. My friend Sabina is very good at playing billiard and of course she wasn’t in my team. Needless to say my team lost but more importantly was the fact that this billiard table was exactly the one that Prince Harry played strip billiard one. Back at home my friends asked my how many clothes I had left on after but I had to disappoint them. It was the traditional billiard game.

Finally our food arrived. Not that anybody was hungry but we really needed to have dinner during the night. The food gets actually prepared in the suite. The suite has two fully equipped kitchen with a separate entrance so that the staff doesn’t disturb the guests.

A little bit of our order. This is fast food heaven and should be forbidden to order in the middle of the night.

The food was so delicious and I really had to force myself to eat. Las Vegas is hot and I can’t eat when it is very hot. Oh and my friend actually thinks it is cold. A suite likes this doesn’t come cheap and is only available for general reservations for a few nights every year. Even if you are a friend of Steve Wynn, very famous or gamble 100.000$ at the tables every day it still comes with a price tag of 7500$ a night excluding taxes.

Things like that only happen in Las Vegas and that’s why I love this city so much. 


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