Why I did not vote for UKIP today

First of all, I am not a writer. I am not a politician or otherwise ‘qualified’ to write about the current election. I am just a German immigrant living in England and seeing this country as my home. I don’t plan to return to my native country in the future. I might move to another country but right now I want to live in this country and continue to do so.

When I was 17 I moved to England, Sevenoaks to be exact. A wonderful town. My initial plan was to stay for one year but I fell in love with this country. The language, the people and the good manners. Of course I had to adjust. I often forgot to say my thanks and pleases, because in my native country you don’t use those words as much as here. Maybe that’s a reason why Germans come across rude to some English people but in Germany it just isn’t required as much. When I return to Germany for a few days I feel overly polite when I say: No, thank you. Yes, please. Would you… ? Could you…? in every situation. My sister thinks I sound hilarious when I order a take away or a cab. So after just three months in England I decided to stay forever. Seven years later I am still here, paying tax, studying Economics, drinking tea even when it is boiling outside and enjoying Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester. Short: It would break my heart if I ever had to leave England. I built a life here and going back to Germany is not an option for me anymore. All of this of course is possibly because England is part of the EU. I don’t need a work permit and I don’t need a visa. Since moving here I have always supported myself independently.

I think that controlled immigration is good. Australia is one example for it and nobody describes the Australians as racists. I don’t think Nigel Farage is a racist or a Xenophobe. Well, he could be but wouldn’t he look like a real fool? Everybody knows his wife is German. However his biggest problem in my opinion is his excellent talent to make the wrong statements at the wrong time. I have no doubt that Nigel Farage is genuinely concerned about Britain’s future and trying to make a change but he focusses too much on England leaving the European Union and blaming immigration for Britain’s ‘misfortune’. I always followed UKIP members on Twitter, there are some ideas that I agree with but many UKIP members have the wrong idea. According to YouGov 51% of UKIP members want that ALL immigrants have to leave the country. This is also the vibe I get reading Twitter comments on the matter. That worries me, because I don’t want to leave this country. That’s why this morning I didn’t make my cross for UKIP even though I had planned it for a while. I am in the lucky position though to have lived here long enough for British citizenship and recently I am thinking a lot of applying for it. Not just because of UKIP but also because I want to be able to vote in this country, have a say, even though a very small one, in elections and various other reasons. I am however glad that UKIP exists and its current popularity is a small threat to other parties. I hope Nigel Farage gets his political earthquake but just to the extent to wake other parties up and make them keep their promises.

I still believe that some countries shouldn’t be part of the European Union or others would be better off leaving. Not because of the immigration that the EU makes possible but because certain countries can not compete with others and many countries should have more independence in making their own decisions. I really could go on forever but my time is limited.

I appreciate your comments and thoughts on this.

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