10k for Crohns on the 7th of September

After the 10k in 2013

On the 7th of September I will run the 10k for Crohns. I run it last year in preparation for my London Half Marathon and rather enjoyed the event. This year I was rather unmotivated and didn’t run as much as I did last year. I try to run at least 1000km every year but this year I hardly run 100km so far. I am trying to motivate myself more and that is one of the reason for running the 10k in Hyde Park again.

ForCrohns was established in 2002 with the goals of raising awareness of and research funding for Crohn’s Disease. Since then the charity has raised over £140,000 with the help of some fantastic support. The charity’s patron is Les Ferdinand and other celebrity supporters include Louise Redknapp, Duncan James and Crohn’s sufferers Carrie Grant & Trevor Bayliss.

The next thing I have to do is to finally buy new running shoes. I shouldn’t really run in my current ones anymore. I have run too many miles with them and even though they are okay for short runs and great for interval training I need to find a pair that is suitable for long distances. During my 10k and my Half Marathon I got a lot of painful blisters and there is nothing more painful than running with blisters. Tomorrow I will hit the treadmill again and start training for the 10k and any runs in the future.

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