Nearly time to go home


On Saturday I am flying home and I can’t wait. Don’t get me wrong. I loved every single minute in Las Vegas but I am feeling unwell since the day before yesterday, I am in a lot of pain and my codeine is running out. Unfortunately you can’t buy co-codamol without prescription in the States and normal painkillers do little to nothing for me. I also miss the boys a lot. George keeps asking for me and I miss Maxi’s smiles. It was great to have some to myself, but I can’t wait to return and cuddle them.

View from room 2111

On Monday, the 27th of June, I moved into The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas where I had booked a one-bedroom suite with fountain view. When I tried to check in at 3pm I was told that my room wasn’t  ready and that it will take at least another hour. At 4pm I was assigned room 2111 and I was glad to finally be able to check in. However the suite was in a horrible condition. In the bathroom were coffee mug stains on the edge of the bath tub, limescale on and around the water taps, the bed linen must have been changed in a hurry and somebody forgot to hoover the room. All in all it was just not acceptable for a five star hotel. I phoned the front desk and housekeeping came up to do the room again but not much changed and I started to complain on Twitter. Just a little bit later I got a call from the hotel manager and she promised me another room to be available in the next hour. She understood that I needed to shower and get ready for the evening and said I can use the room while waiting. Soon after she phoned me again and I was ‘upgraded’ to room 5333, a terrace suite 22 floors above my original room. I will write a seperate blog post about my stay at the Cosmopolitan but I couldn’t wait and not share the view with you.

View from room 5333

The Terrace Suite at the Cosmopolitan was so nice I didn’t want to leave it at all. We had one large party in it on day two and it was a lot of fun. My friends left in the early morning and before I could finally go to sleep I had to tidy up everything.

I stayed four nights at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and moved to the Aria Resort and Casino last Friday for my last eight nights in Las Vegas. The Aria Resort is a five star hotel in the City Center opposite of the Vdara, where I stayed two years ago and just next to The Cosmopolitan Hotel. The Aria has 4004 guest rooms so you can assume how huge it is. The pool at the Aria was so far my favourite in Las Vegas. However Housekeeping in Las Vegas hugely disappointed me. I will go into more details when I review the hotels I stayed at.

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  1. July 10, 2014 / 7:33 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS, that view is amazing. I can't believe you want to leave, you must be in a lot of pain because I think I would put up with most things for a view like that. Hope the upgrade meant a nicer room for you. Twitter is the best for complaining and getting what you want, there's loads of times I've never gotten anywhere via e-mail and phone but a cheeky Tweet seems to get the job done! Good call 😉

    Corinne x

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