Review: Bimuno Probiotics

I just recently returned from my Las Vegas trip and as an Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferer it wasn’t always easy for me. While my IBS is predictable when I am at home it gets tricky once I am abroad. In Las Vegas I actually had an upset stomach and was in a lot of pain just days before returning to London.

Today I was contacted by a company called Bimuno Probiotics and was asked to review one of their products: Bimuno TRAVELAID. The product is a dietary supplement supposed to support your stomach while travelling abroad and help prevent digestive problems and traveller’s diarrhoea.

Bimuno TRAVELAID helps maintain a favourable balance of good versus bad bacteria in your gut. It encourages and sustains a healthy level of the gut’s good bacteria and reduces the more troublesome types of bacteria. Bimuno TRAVELAID has been tested in independent scientific studies and is recommended by many travel clinicians and celebrities. This is especially interesting to me as a recently completed scientific study found that patients who took Bimuno for just one week experienced an improvement in their digestive health and comfort.

You should start taking Bimuno TRAVELAID seven days before you go on holiday and then continue taking the pastilles three times a day. In each pack are 30 pastilles, so I would recommend buying a few packages if you go on a longer trip. A package of Bimuno TRAVELAID costs £9.99 which works out at £1 per day and it is a small cost compared to the cost of your holiday. I wish I had known about this product before I went to Las Vegas.

You can buy the probiotics directly from the Bimuno Online Store or at Boots, Superdrug or Sainsbury’s.

Disclaimer: All products were received c/o Bimuno but all opinions are my own.

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