Review: The Aria Resort&Casino in Las Vegas

After my stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel I stayed eight more nights at the Aria Resort&Casino from the 27th of July until my day of departure, the 5th of July. I booked a deluxe king room. In 2012 I stayed a week at the Vdara Hotel opposite to the Aria and usually went to the Aria for dinner and drinks. As the restaurants at the Aria are nothing but great I assumed the same about the hotel. I read mixed reviews prior my stay and unfortunately my experience at the Aria was not great.

Check-in was rather straightforward. I already stayed at the Cosmopolitan and as I had to check-out at 11am I left my bags and suitcases with the belldesk. I wasn’t sure what time I could check-in at the Aria. I assumed at 3pm like most other hotels but still tried my luck and to my surprise a room was ready for me. The incidentals charge at the Aria is $130 per night but only to a maximum of $520 per stay. I received two room keys and my room was 19208. There are different elevators for different floors and despite the hotel having over 4000 rooms and suites I never had to wait for an elevator. My room was not very far from the elevators and I overlooked the Vdara Hotel.

The deluxe rooms averages 520 square feet with custom furnishings. Every room comes with the exclusive Control4 One-Touch technology system and you can adjust room features to your own preference. When you leave the room you can press a ‘Goodnight’ button to switch everything off at once. The beds are by Sealy® and come with triple-sheeted, 300 tread count linen. The bed is comfortable and it is hard to get up in the mornings (or the afternoon). The entrance area of the room serves also as a dressing area with dual closets and a chest of drawers. There is plenty of space for your clothes, even if you stay longer and bring a lot of clothes with you or you shop a lot. There is also a work station with a high-speed wireless and wired internet connection, USB docks and sockets. The room has a 42 inch LCD HD television and the Control4 touch pad functions as its remote control too. Next to the workstation is a fully-stocked minibar. One of the bedside tables has a laptop-sized safe, however my laptop did not fit in there. More information about the room can be found here. So far so good. While this sounds rather inviting and fantastic, it was not. This is what my room looked like:

Aria Hotel Deluxe Room, Aria Hotel Review, Aria Las Vegas Review

Aria Hotel Deluxe Room, Aria Hotel Review, Aria Las Vegas ReviewAria Hotel Deluxe Room, Aria Hotel Review, Aria Las Vegas Review

This was my second let-down in Las Vegas in just a few days. I can only guess that housekeeping isn’t one of the biggest hotel strenghts in Las Vegas. Some might be distracted by the fantastic technology features and other might not care. But I do. The room did not look so inviting after all and the housekeeping obviously didn’t do the best job. A quick search on Google and I knew I wasn’t the only one disappointed by the Aria and the housekeeping in particular. I contacted the hotel on Twitter and very quicky I received a message shortly after. Housekeeping was contacted and got in touch with me shortly after. Two member of staff come up to have a look at the room and made me feel rather uncomfortable while I showed them my concerns. I felt very silly and wished I had not said something. They promised to send up housekeeping again and give the room a thorough clean. When I returned two hours later I could smell but not see that housekeeping cleaned my room again. The room was just not cleaned to an acceptable standard. I like to travel and blog about it, so of course I take small things into account that might not be obvious to others. It’s very important for me that the hotel room, especially the bathroom is hygienic and this room wasn’t. However there was not much help offered from the hotel and as my stay was pre-paid I couldn’t do much but get on with the situation. All I wanted was to relax and go to the pool. The pool area is fantastic and made up a little bit for the condition of my room.

Aria Hotel Deluxe Room, Aria Hotel Review, Aria Las Vegas Review, Aria Las Vegas, Aria Hotel, Aria Resort
Aria Hotel Deluxe Room, Aria Hotel Review, Aria Las Vegas Review, Aria Las Vegas, Aria Hotel, Aria Resort

While the Aria Hotel focuses very much on the technology in the room it forgets about attention to detail. The housekeeping staff started to regularly ring my doorbell from 9am onwards on my check out day despite the privacy light being on. I had extended my check-out until noon and it was rather annoying to be constantly being disturbed. I attented a 4th of July party and came home late, so every minute of sleep was appreciated before my ten hour flight home in the afternoon. In the end I didn’t get any sleep at all. I was rather disappointed with the staff at the Aria. It started with the bad housekeeping and ended with the rather disappointing service from the other staff. I only had one five-star worthy encounter with a member of staff and that was from the bell desk to collect my suitcases at the end of my stay.

The location of the Aria is great. It is located in the CityCentre and many other hotels and attractions are within walkable distance. It is a shame that the Aria did not live up to my expectation as the location is convenient for me, the bars and restaurants are great and of course it is just opposite the Vdara, where many of my friends stay every year. I am staying every summer in Las Vegas and even though I don’t know where to stay next year for sure yet, I am sure where not to stay again.


  1. July 22, 2014 / 10:50 am

    Going to Las Vagas must have been an amazing experience, buy really you would expect better standards of accommodation, especially at those prices. I don't think you were being picky. I too expect hotel rooms to be clean and to be honest look a bit more welcoming too.

  2. July 22, 2014 / 10:57 am

    That looks an amazing place to stay in theory but the rubbish housekeeping would really put me off! x

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