Dinner at Inamo

My friend Nina is moving back to Germany soon to pursue her studies and last night was our last opportunity to spend an evening together. We started off with a ride on the Necrobus, a theatrical sightseeing tour, showing the darker side of London while providing a piece of comedy horror theatre. It was great and I will blog about it on another occasion. Afterwards we went for dinner to Inamo St. James, I didn’t tell my friend about the restaurant until we got there and of course she loved it.

Inamo St. James is an innovative oriental fusion restaurant, that combines interactive ordering with a high standard of food. Located on Regent Street in the West End, just off Piccadilly Circus, Inamo St. James is the perfect place to impress your friends and family. Inamo uses E-Table, the world’s first interactive food ordering system with overhead projection technology to give the customer complete control over their dining experience. In addition to ordering food from the interactive table, guests are able to choose from a range of virtual tablecloths, view the Inamo chefs working in real time using the ‘Chef Cam’ function and explore a wide range of practical services such as taxi booking facilities.

We started with ordering sparkling water and sake mojitos. Mojitos are my all time favourite and they are made with honjozo genshu sake for a special twist. What we ate as ‘starters’: edamame beans £4.25, crispy silky tofu £6.25, tomato and avocado salad £5.75, seared tuna sashimi £7.50 and a salmon sashimi plate for £5.50.
Inamo does not have starters and main dishes as such. The idea is to order a selection of small, larger and side dishes and hence we didn’t order much after our first round of food. My friend ate a spicy Aubergine dish, for £5.25 and even tough it was a side dish it was a huge portion. We actually shared the bowl and it was so delicious. I love Black Cod and if it’s on the menu I will order it. I discovered the dish at Nobu and while it costs a whopping £42 there, it only costs £18.50 at Inamo while tasting just as good.

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