May the Chromebook be the best thing for blogging ever?

Since yesterday I am a proud Chromebook owner. My old laptop is still functioning fine, but the keyboard is missing two keys – a and p – and the space key only works when I put a piece of rubber band between the key and the laptop. Don’t ask, I go through a lot of laptops. One per year on average, seriously. While I still like to use my old laptop for other things, I needed something I would be able to write a lot on and fast. The keyboard on my last laptop was actually rubbish and I missed my previous Sony VAIO a lot. As I am blogging a lot more now, I decided to buy something light where I could mainly write on and use the internet with.

I went into my local PC World to look at laptops. There is no point for me buying a laptop on the internet. I have to try the keyboard to see how easy it is to type on. The sales assistant recommend me a few laptops but I did not like them very much. While he went off to help some other customers I browsed around the stores and wished I would know a little bit more about computers. Another sales assistant listened exactly to my needs and recommended the Chromebook to me. I explained him that I mainly need it to write online, use Twitter and other social networks and save a few documents and pictures. He sent me over to the Google Desk where I was helped by another sales assistant from Google. Very quickly I decided to buy the Chromebook as it convinced me. Off course they are things that the Chromebook can and can’t do and it is not an usual laptop. With a price tag of £249 I couldn’t go wrong though.

The Chromebook is available with an 11” and a 14” screen. The 14” device only weighs 1.9kg and is quite slim, ideally to be carried around. I will definitely take the Chromebook with me on holidays and weekend trips in the future. My old laptop was quite chunky and I would mainly take my iPad mini with me. Not easy to write on it a lot though and I would have to wait until I could blog until I was home.

Chromebook runs Chrome OS, Google’s own operating system and relies heavily on Google suited applications. You can log into Chrome OS as a guest but you get the most out of the Chromebook with a Google account. If you already use Google’s app for email, calendaring and documents it will be easy for you to adjust to the Chromebook. However if you are used to programs such as Microsoft Outlook, AIM or Yahoo Mail, it might take some time to adjust to Chrome OS. The Chromebook HP has up to nine hours of battery life. It makes a big difference on how bright your screen is, I noticed. The Chromebook is mainly online run and not so much offline. As I am mainly at home or can use my iPhone as a Hotspot I don’t mind this. Furthermore it has one USB reader as well as a SD card reader. My digital camera has a SD card, so it is very easy to take pictures and upload pictures. It only takes seconds. I have also downloaded the Google Drive Up to my iPhone and it uploads my photos onto the drive. Perfect!

Do you own a Chromebook? What’s your opinion? Do you think it’s great for blogging and social networking too? What are you pros and cons?

*I am purely reviewing this product from a bloggers point of view. I am aware that the Chromebook can not replace a laptop for many people including myself.


  1. August 1, 2014 / 6:58 pm

    I am very jealous, I love the idea of a chromebook as I often feel that there is a gap between my big heavy laptop and my ipad mini. I ove how small and light it is and that is a great price!

  2. August 4, 2014 / 12:33 am

    Jennifer, the Chromebook definitely closes the gap between the iPad mini and a laptop.

  3. August 4, 2014 / 7:47 pm

    Wow that looks so good – and what a price tag!
    I use a Japanese MacBook that I bought with my first paycheck when I graduated uni and was living in Japan. It's lasted me all these years and I couldn't do without a Japanese keyboard now.

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