Popular Things I just don’t get

Inspired by a recent post on Mumsnet I wondered what popular things I just don’t get. It doesn’t mean that I strongly dislike those things, I just ‘don’t get’ them and feel like running out and getting them for myself.

MINI Cooper S

1. Mini Coopers – Yes, I know they are iconic, but I don’t need to have one.

2. Onesies wearing adults in Public – Really? They are okay to wear at home but I really don’t need to see you wearing one at the supermarket to get a pint of milk. Often worn with UGG’s, which gets us to Point 3.

3. UGG’s – Just wrong. Ask any Australian and they will tell you that they are slippers and not shoes to be worn outside. Thanks to SJP and the like who forgot to put on proper shoes before heading out, the UGG brand made a lot of money selling them to people who do not know better, all over the world.

Zumba for Japan

4. Zumba – There is Zumba, there is Zumba for new mothers who can carry their baby in a sling while huffing and puffing and trying to get back into shape; What comes next? Zumba for dogs? Zumba with your dog? I rather run 3 miles.

5. Going to ‘races’ for social reasons only. ‘Look, we went to Ascot!’ just for the sake of it. Do you actually know anything about horses and racing? No? Then wear your matching outfit with the hideous hat to a social event that is more appropriate. Same for Polo, Showjumping and other Equestrian events. I feel strongly about this, as I used to be a showjumper when younger and attended lots of Equestrian events to ‘mix’ with like minded people. We wore our jodhpurs and timberlands.

6. Celebrity Fashion Designers – You are not a fashion designer. How about letting qualified designers who studied and worked really hard, have a shot?

7. Dressing babies and children only in designer clothes – There really is no need for it unless you are incredibly wealthy or a celebrity. They grow out of it in five minutes and it gets stained even quicker.

Female Shoulder Flower Tattoo

8. Tattoos – I always hated tattoos and I always will. Most of them are tacky and so far I have only seen a few that I consider ‘art’ rather than voluntarily body harm.

9. Grown ups that play Candy Crush and keep inviting me for it or similar games on Facebook. Often combined with the statement: I don’t have time to exercise. Really? Tell me again how you got to level 168 on Candy Crush?

10. Feature walls – Get it right and it looks amazing. Get in wrong and it looks tacky. Really tacky.

Of course, it is all down to personal taste. Those are the ten things that I could think of tonight. Do you dislike certain things that are incredibly popular at the moment?

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  1. August 20, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    I agree with so many of these although I do love a game of candy crush!


  2. August 20, 2014 / 9:12 pm

    I must say i agree with you on the tattos, some of them are just awful and yes facebook games well i just hate them and dont play any.

  3. August 21, 2014 / 12:41 pm

    Oh my, you are my soul twin! I kept nodding my head in agreement with each item on your list

  4. August 25, 2014 / 4:23 pm

    Oh wow, there's so much fire in your post! I have to say, as a person who can't run because of my knees, I find Zumba is a lot more gentle on my joints and is a great way to socialise. When I was in Germany and felt lonely, I went to my local Zumba class and I made loads of German friends – and learnt the language through the instructions. For single expats who move abroad alone, I think it's really great.

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