Shopping, coffee and a great time coming to an end

My friend is leaving England in mid September and I know already that I will miss her a lot. We met in January and although that might not seem a long time to some people we spent a lot of time together and I made a space in my heart for her. I know our friendship is not ending with her moving back to Germany and yet it is so difficult for me to understand that she chose to go back to Germany and not to stay here. Of course I have to accept her decision and yet do I know about her own concerns about going back and leaving the country and her friends behind. 
It’s nearly the end of August and she will probably leave while I am in Istanbul. Yesterday we went to Reigate together and had a good time, so we decided to go shopping today and try to get clothes for her before she returns to Germany. She drives, so it is easier to get the children from A to B and quickly we packed the pushchair and everything we needed in the car and drove off to our next shopping centre. It’s about a twenty minutes drive away and I am glad that both children are well behaved in the car. 
I want to get my driving license and I have to send off my application before starting taking lessons. You can apply online and pay the fee simply by card instead of having to send a cheque and all you need to do at the end is to send in your passport. I feel uneasy about sending my passport by post as it is my only form of identification. If it gets lost I am in big trouble. Somebody told me that I could have my identity verified at the Post Office but after waiting for thirty minutes I was told that it wasn’t possible. Now I have to wait until I get back from Istanbul before sending in my passport and then I won’t have an ID for anytime up to a month.
George behaved well at the Post Office and he occupied himself with scooting around the Post Office and bumping into a few people by accident. He is so cute and said ‘Sorry!’ to everybody. As a treat I promised him ice cream, but it is not so easy to get ice cream at the shopping centre in a decent location where we could also sit down and drink coffee in peace. Well, drinking coffee in peace is impossible with children. We went to Starbucks and I bought some roasted almonds for George and me, a biscuit for Maximilian and my friend and I drank Caramel Latte with soy milk. George got a Raspberry Yoghurt Frappuccino as a special treat instead of ice cream and he loved it. Starbucks sizes being Starbucks sizes he did not manage the small size by himself and I had a sip (or two). 

I am trying not to think about my friend leaving so soon and I try to make the most of our time together before she leaves. George adores her. She can’t even go inside the fitting room without George getting worried and asking me ‘Wo is N? (Where is N?)’ or saying ‘N, komm bald wieder! (N, come back soon.)’

Once we sat in the car on our way back home, I was a little bit relieved. Shopping with children is exhausting. It is multitasking at its best. Pushing the Bugaboo while trying to have a look at clothes and other products in store while simultaneously watching George, who is riding his scooter at top speed three aisles away and trying to entertain Max in the pushchair is not an easy task. I am tired now and will hopefully sleep well tonight. Good night!


  1. August 21, 2014 / 11:35 am

    I'm more of a Cafe Nero girl than Starbucks. 🙂 Sorry to hear that your friend is leaving. And agree, shopping with children is exhausting, you need to have a drink and a snack to carry on

  2. August 21, 2014 / 11:40 am

    I totally hear you about shopping with children being exhausting! It's really hard when friends move on, I have spent a lot of my life travelling before I settled and I know that it's possible to make really good friendships within a few months and it's hard to say goodbye but that never means the end. I am sure you will see each other after she moves back to Germany

    Laura x

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