Zoobs snacks – A healthy Vegetable snack not just for children

Getting lots of vegetables into your child’s diet is so important, but many will know how difficult it can be to get your children eating them.

When I was asked by ZOOB to try out their new vegetable based snack, I could not wait to receive the snacks. The orange packaging looks great and surely stands out on the supermarket shelves. The snacks came in two flavours – Tangy Cheese and Pizza Margerita and consist of 52% vegetables (beans, carrots, tomatoes, peas, onions and chickpeas). With only 77 calories per 20g bag, 4.5g of fat and only 0.3g salt there is no excuse not to replace your children’s lunch box crisps with ZOOBs. They won’t notice the difference and ZOOBs snacks taste so much better. I received the samples on a Saturday night and found myself munching through bag after bag while watching movies on Netflix.

While I am not particularly keen on cheese, I left the Tangy cheese for the children to try and both of them loved the snacks. George (3 years) kept asking for ‘more please’ and Max (10 months) couldn’t fit enough of them at once into his mouth. I tried the Pizza Margerita flavour and they are so good.

Zoobs snacks are currently on offer at £1 for a pack of six at Tesco. Not just your children will love them – you will too.

*PR collaboration – I received 2×6-packs for the purpose of this review. 


  1. August 26, 2014 / 9:25 am

    Well! That's a twist on eating real vegetables and legumes. We never had this sort of thing when my children were young in the 60s. All they got was sieved vegies. If they didn't eat them, the were hungry by the next mealtime. Tough love I guess.

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