Gaucho Piccadilly – The finest Argentine Steaks

When I lived in Brussels I met a very good friend of mine. Heng, a young girl from China working as an associate at a law firm in Brussels. We would meet daily during her lunch break and explore the restaurants around Avenue Louise and the surrounding areas. We actually travelled together quite a bit as well: New York, Paris, Berlin and I showed her my hometown Cologne. In January 2011 I moved back to London and last year she moved back to Beijing, to marry her boyfriend there who works as an analyst at UBS. I never actually met her other half and when she told me about her travels to London, we wanted our reunion to be something special.

I always told her about that amazing steak restaurant and so she asked me if we could have dinner there. Meant was the Gaucho Restaurant chain, my favourite venues are the one in Swallow Street, Tower Bridge and of course the one in Richmond. At Gaucho they pride themselves on the basic philosophy of provenance. To them this means authenticity, assurance and rigorous attention to obtain the finest quality ingredients at source. I have been to Gaucho many times and I can only second that. Before I moved to Brussels I went once or twice a week. 
Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures and only with my iPhone, which didn’t turn out great, but we were planning to have (lots of) cocktails after dinner and I don’t take my camera with me when I won’t get home until 3am in the morning. 
All the beef comes from Argentina and only cattle that feed on the rich Pampas of carefully selected farms qualify. You can truly taste the quality of the beef. Have you ever been to a steak restaurant, that is so confident about its meat tenderness, that it doesn’t even have steak knives? No? You probably haven’t been to the Gaucho yet. Try it at least once!
We didn’t order starters and proceeded straight to our main course: We all ordered bife de lomo. Lomo fillet is tender and lean meat, a 300g fillet costs £34.75. As sides, we ate asparagus, french beans and tomato salad. The tomato salad costs £5 and the asparagus and french beans £5.25 each. 
A good steak can’t be eaten without a good red wine and even though I am a white wine drinker, our waiter Marcos recommend a fantastic wine to us. Luigi Bosca Malbec is an intense purple colourful wine, with distinct aromas of ripe red fruits, spices and black pepper. A bottle costs £56.50. The food, wine and service were outstanding as always and I am looking forward to my next dinner there.

Have you ever been to one of the Gaucho restaurants? What did you think? My friends loved it. Heng misses all the food in Europe and of course the great wine, so she was delighted with my choice of restaurant. Afterwards we went for cocktails to the Nobu in Berkeley Street, where we stayed until 2am when they closed the doors.

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