Hagia Sophia

After we visited the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, we walked to see the Hague Sophia. Unfortunately, by that time I was very tired, some of you might know that I don’t feel well at the moment, and we didn’t enter this amazing building. Instead, I took some pictures on the outside and we walked straight over to the Gülhane Park and bought some drinks on the way to refresh ourselves. I didn’t expect it to be so warm in Istanbul. 
Known as the Haghia Sofia in Greek, Sophia in Latin and the Church of the Divine Wisdom in English is the Hagia Sophia Istanbul’s most famous monument. It was built to restore the greatness of the Roman Empire in 537 and was the greatest church in Christendom until the Conquest in 1453. It remained the largest church ever built until the St. Peter’s Basilica was constructed in Rome a thousand years later.
I am a bit sad, that I didn’t visit the Hague Sophia from the inside. I will however return to Istanbul next year and stay on the European continent to have more time to explore the things I couldn’t see this time. 


  1. September 17, 2014 / 1:00 pm

    Sorry you weren't feeling well, but what an uplifting building to see – from the outside.

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