H&M Wishlist

Trench coat £39.99 | Knit jumper £14.99 | Loafers £14.99 | Eyeshadows £5.99 | Scarf £7.99 | Tunic £24.99 | Rings £5.99 | Dress £14.99

I love H&M. Most of my clothes are from the Swedish clothing chain and not a week passes without me either browsing online on their website or visiting one of their stores. Autumn is approaching and I am already starting to think about my wardrobe. Autumn is all about layers in my opinion and I usually wear summer dresses with a cardigan and tights with matching flats. I am also a big fan of trench coats and usually buy at least one new one in autumn. Below you can see all items on my current H&M wishlist.

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