A Saturday in London

On Saturday I had to get up super early for a meeting at 11 Hasker Street in Chelsea. At 5:40am I had to leave the house and take a taxi to the train station to catch the 5:58am train to Victoria Station. I know: Not even 6am on a Saturday. I nearly fell asleep on the train, luckily I did not. From Victoria I took the 11 bus to the Duke of York Square in Chelsea, from where I walked. It usually doesn’t take me as long to get to Chelsea, but I wanted to be on time. Being late is not an option for me. The meeting lasted just over an hour and I will tell you more about 11 Hasker Street in a little bit. It’s an amazing home away from home and one of the One Fine Stay properties.

After the meeting I walked to South Kensington Station, time to have some breakfast, write down notes and plan the day ahead. I wasn’t sure whether to visit the Victoria&Albert museum or the Royal Academy of Arts. In the end, I took the tube to Green Park and walked to the Royal Academy to visit the Anselm Kiefer exhibition. It was a good decision, then the exhibition did not disappoint. I did not have all the time in the world as I had another editorial lunch review in Shoreditch at one and after a Cafe Latte I made my way to Shoreditch.

Unfortunately, it started to rain while I was at the Royal Academy. After my Keratin treatment on Friday I wasn’t allowed to get my hair wet for 24 hours and I left my umbrella at home. Anna, whom I met on Facebook to come along to my lunch review already waited outside and after a brief greeting, we headed inside to discover what the restaurant was all about. I am currently editing pictures and I the review will be up on the blog soon. As I had time until the evening to meet my friend Heng and her husband for dinner, Anna and I decided to spend the afternoon together and to meet another friend of hers, Linda.

We walked around Mayfair and made our way to Fortnum&Mson, where we wanted to eat cake and drink tea. However, Saturday is very busy in London and we couldn’t get a table. So we walked along Piccadilly, trying to find a place that wasn’t as busy. Of course it was crowded everywhere. Linda wanted to buy cinnamon rolls at the world famous Cinnabon store in Piccadilly and of course we all couldn’t resist. Walking to Leicester Square, we sat down to chat and enjoy the cinnamon rolls. Luckily it stopped raining, the sun was shining and we could watch the action inside the Square. It was so much better than sitting inside a cafe.

How great it was to be busy and meet other people. Even though the day was exhausting, I really enjoyed it.

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