Another dinner at Inamo St.James

I seem to chose Inamo for Goodbye dinners a lot recently. At least, I did so yesterday for the second time in a short time. My friend Heng and her husband left London this afternoon and yesterday we had dinner at Inamo in St. James. Our first choices Nobu and Hakkasan were fully booked out and Inamo had a table for us at a suitable time, so we met at 6:30pm outside the restaurant. Heng and her other half travelled from Edinburgh to London during the day and were both tired. So was I. I had an early meeting in Chelsea at 7am and had to leave early. Afterwards, I spent the day in London and I was tired too.

I previously blogged about the Inamo here.

But first, let me start with cocktails. I had the cocktail of the week while my friends drank Tropical Storms. It’s a non-alcoholic blend of passion fruit, lime and guava juice with a hint of cinnamon. My friend said it was delicious and it certainly looked brilliant. Unfortunately, I do not know what was in my cocktail of the week, but it tasted fantastic.

Edamame, steamed soya beans sprinkled with Maldon sea salt. Edamame beans are served with soy miring dipping sauce and all you have to do is to pop out the beans from the pods. They are great to whet the appetite. I love Edamame and have to order them where ever I can.
My friend Heng ordered the Crispy Silky Tofu. It melts in your mouth and is served with spring onion, daikon and juicy shitake mushrooms. This is not just a dish for vegetarian.
My starter was the Tomato and Avocado Salad. Doesn’t it look to pretty to eat? Cherry tomatoes are marinated in ginger, chilli and shallows and crowned with an avocado flower. I always order this at Inamo – too good to be missed.
We also ordered the Chicken Satay. The chicken skewers are served with a chunky peanut satay sauce. Delicious!
This is by far my favourite dish at a Japanese restaurant. The Black cod with Miso sauce. It is served with pickled ginger stem and you can squeeze the lime over it, but I never do. It is so good by itself. I am actually starting to prefer this black cod for £18.50 to the one at Nobu for £42. 

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi. A classic and can’t be missed when eating at a Japanese restaurant.

For dessert we ate Vanilla Creme Brulee. It was sooo delicious. I can’t wait to return to Inamo soon.

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