Braun launches new thermometers for children

Last Thursday Max and I attended the launch of the new Braun children’s thermometers at the St Martins Lane Hotel in London. Braun is the number one of the trusted brands by doctors and launched its next generation of high precision thermometers here in the UK. Dr. Ranj, the leading paediatrician and TV personality, introduced the new range of thermometers and informed us about treating fever in children. It was great to have unasked questions answered, that I wouldn’t ask my GP. Everybody knows everything about fever, right? How wrong I was. I left the venue with lots of new knowledge about fever, most of my old knowledge was ‘outdated’ and is not recommended anymore today. For example, when I was young and had a fever, my parents would cover me in cold flannels. I actually remember how horrible it was and how much I dreaded it. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who thought it would help.

Before and during the presentation we could all try out the new thermometers, my favourite is definitely the touch less one. Measuring your children’s fever at night doesn’t have to wake up your sleeping child anymore, you just hold the device around 2 inches away from the forehead between the eyebrows and you get an exact temperature within seconds. Dr.Ranj answered questions after the presentation.

The event was held by >>The Lenny Agency<< and the whole team did such a fantastic job. I met other bloggers and we all had a good chat, swapped social networking details and enjoyed the food.

I had an autograph signed for George but my head was somewhere else that day: I left it on the table and didn’t realise it until I got on the train at Charing Cross. I hope George will forgive me. Everybody received lovely goody bags and a sample of one of the new thermometers. I chose the touch less one and will review it on here soon.

[Photo credit: The Lenny Agency]

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