Brooke Shields for MAC Cosmetics

I haven’t spent much money on makeup this year, mainly because I bought more than enough last year when I was in Miami and in Las Vegas for the summer and as I don’t have time every day to apply makeup, it usually lasts for a while. This afternoon I randomly had a look at the MAC Cosmetics website and realised, that they have a Brooke Shields collection. I really like Brooke, she is such a classic beauty and everybody must have seen her in The Blue Lagoon – a film from 1980. Seriously, how could I have missed it? Most items are out of stock – maybe I have a chance that they will be back in the store, who knows?

My favourite of the whole collection is the eyeshadow palette, unfortunately it is out of stock. Brooke chose her fifteen favourite shades: Pretty, Soft Brown, Expensive Pink, Clove, Satin Taupe, Canter, Luscious, Atiqued, Psyche, Carbon, Shroom, Persuade, Plummed, Lofty and Pepper. I might have to get some of the eyeshadows on their own, should I not be able to purchase the actual palette.

Was somebody luckier and actually managed to get some of the products?

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