Can a good bedtime routine improve my sleep?

I am a horrible sleeper. At night I can’t fall asleep and once I am finally asleep, I will wake up a few times during the night and then in the mornings I can’t get out of bed. My alarm is set for 6am but I never make it out of bed until George stands next to me and says ‘Wake up! Wake up!’ one hour later.

Sleep should come naturally and I am sometimes jealous of Max and George. They turn around and fall asleep once the lights are switched off at seven in the evening and they wake up at seven in the morning, feeling rested and having lots of energy for the day. What would I give for a twelve hour sleep?

Feather&Black, a leading premium retailer of beds, mattresses and bed linen have published an eBook, available to download here. Being a member of The Sleep’s Council’s retail panel, Feather&Black are committed that the nation gets the best possible sleep at night and developed an eBook to help everybody to sleep better, waking up rested in the morning with lots of energy throughout the day.

I know one of my biggest mistakes is that I don’t have a ‘before bedtime’ routine, and drinking diet coke like water throughout the day, especially in the evenings doesn’t contribute to a good night’s sleep. I am currently trying to live a healthier life, changing my diet and my daily routine including by bedtime routine.

A good night’s sleep is so important for a healthy lifestyle and the NHS recommend six to nine hours of sleep each night for an adult. Children need a lot more sleep. I might get four hours of sleep a night, five when I am lucky and even that is more about quantity than quality.

Being a blogger, I need to be constantly available on my phone and laptop. Not only do I take my phone with me to bed, but also my laptop to watch television programmes online. However, for your brain to ‘switch off’ it is important to avoid electrical devices before bedtime. Studies have shown that watching television before bedtime can have a negative impact on your sleep and there was me thinking that it actually helps me fall asleep.

The first thing is to make your bed as inviting as possible. Choose a good quality mattress. I like a firm mattress and the Shelley Luxury mattress is my favourite from Feather&Black. I like tread counts. The more the better. This 600 thread count bed linen set is on top of my Christmas wishlist. Just the idea of combining it with a Canadian Goose Down Duvet and those pillows makes me sleepy in a good way.

You should also try and avoid caffeine as much as possible. It might be very tempting to have a hot cup of tea or coffee after a long day, but studies have shown a connection between caffeine consumption later in the day and insomnia. I don’t drink much coffee and when I do, only in the mornings. However, I drink a lot of diet coke and I mean a lot. I am now trying to cut down my caffeine intake throughout the whole day and I am switching to tea in the evening. Horlicks, Rooibos and chamomile teas are all great choices and my personal favourite is peppermint tea.
We all love freshly washed bed linen, don’t we? Unless you have too much time on your hands or a housekeeper, it is impossible to change your bed everyday but what if you don’t want to miss the smell of freshly washed pillow cases before falling asleep? A bit of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray can help your body and mind to soothe, leading to a blissful sleep. It is also important to remove all potential distractions. I have blackout curtains in my bedroom and I am glad to live in a quiet neighbourhood, so I don’t require ear plugs and a sleep mask.

While reading the eBook, I learned a lot about setting up a good bedtime routine and improving my sleep. I am inspired now and I will try to switch off all my electrical devices at least one hour before bedtime. After a warm shower, I want to drink a nice cup of tea (caffeine-free, of course!) and read a book. Unfortunately, my laptop will be kicked out of my bed and so will my phone. No more tweeting after midnight!

You can download your free copy of the eBook from the Feather&Black website.

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  1. October 3, 2014 / 8:31 am

    Great tips. I am a firm believer in having a night time routine. I need a new mattress at the moment, so will be checking out Feather and Black.

  2. October 3, 2014 / 8:33 am

    You are welcome. Have a look at the website. I am sure you will find something great. It's so important to invest in a proper mattress.

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