Discovering Panosonic’s new range of fridge freezers

We try and cook every meal from scratch in our house, however, this takes time and time is limited, so one would cook most meals for the week in advance and freeze them. As I follow a different diet than the rest of the people in the house, I recently started to do the same, but there is not enough space in our freezer with three little draws.

Panasonic announced the expansion of its 2013 range of Side-By-Side fridge-freezers and introduced the stainless steel NR-B53V2. With two little ones in the house, you would worry about many fingerprints on the stainless steel, but don’t worry: The NR-B53V2 has an anti-fingerprint coating. The fridge freezer also includes Panosonic’s technology to keep the food fresh and eliminate harmful bacteria. It operates at an optimum energy efficiency level too, great for everybody who is environmentally aware. 
The side-by-side freezer includes a Panosonic Vitamin Safe compartment, it is optimised to a high moisture level and an adjustable temperature gauge (between 0˚C – 5˚C) to keep fruit and vegetables fresh. The system helps to maintain important vitamins in both fruit and vegetables. This is excellent as all our fruit and vegetables are organic and they don’t last as long as non-organic ones. 
One thing that is very important to me is Hygiene. The NR-B53V2 has a system that includes a combined lifetime air filter, air circulation and LED light system, which produces a natural anti-bacterial cleanser. Nearly all (99.9999%) of bacteria will be eliminated. The system circulates cold, clean air from three different points throughout the fridge and creates a constant airflow to ensure maximum hygiene.

I think this side-by-freezer is perfect for every food-conscious person out there. Having an energy efficiency class of A++, it only consumes 346kWh per year. According to Sust-It it is the number one of all tested American Style Fridge Freezers ranked by energy efficiency in the UK, with an average yearly cost of £52.59.

We are currently thinking about getting a new kitchen and will keep this side-by-side freezer in mind. What I like about side-by-side fridge freezers is that fact, that you can open both doors and see exactly what you have at home. No more running around between the fridge in the kitchen and the laundry, where the freezer has its place. It is also spacious and I like the different compartments for fish and meat, as well as for fruits and vegetable. Being a Paleo eater, this is definitely a huge bonus.

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