October Summary

Today is the last day in October, only two more months left in 2014 and then we can welcome 2015.

The month started with the launch of the new Braun thermometer for children at the St. Martin Lane Hotel in London. The following week I attended another launch – Imogen Thomas showed us her new venture, the Aribella Boutique, at an exclusive launch at Jak’s in Chelsea. Imogen is such a friendly person and I wish her the best of luck in her new venture. 
Max turned one and my birthday was a week later, however, I chose not to celebrate my birthday this year. I also don’t sleep very well at the moment and wrote a blog post wondering if a good bedtime routine can improve your sleep. 
If you are as fed up as I am off the cold weather, have a look at the luxury holiday Villa Pia in Lippiano – it might be the perfect vacation for you and your children in Italy. I also searched for a place to stay in Antalya and booked my trip to Las Vegas for the fourth year in a row. You might wonder why I love Vegas so much and you can read about it here.
My friend Heng and her husband were in the UK for a week and we had dinner at Inamo the night before they went back to Beijing. I also tried out the funky Zigfried von Underbelly  in trendy Shoreditch for lunch. Something I can’t recommend you enough is the Soupe de Jour store in Soho. I am a soup lover and in case you aren’t yet – you will be by the time you leave the place. I am so glad I finally know where to get great soups in London. I spend the whole day in London, starting the day off with a meeting at One Fine Stay on Hasker Street and ending it by saying goodbye to my dearest friend from Beijing.

Three months after my trip to Las Vegas I finally bought picture frames<< and hung them up in my room. I am also taking part of a weight loss program for a national newspaper and you can read bout my weight loss here. I also visited the Anselm Kiefer exhibition<< at the Royal Academy of Arts and missed out on the MAC’s collection by Brook Shield<<. I reviewed Slim Fruits, a low fat, low sugar sweet with lots of fibre and not many calories, introduced Panosonic’s new fridge freezer range and talked a little bit about poker.

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Don’t forget about my Pre-Christmas giveaway and my Christmas Party Bloggers Meetup in London on the 29th of November in Covent Garden.

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