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I can’t believe it’s Tuesday again. Last week passed by so quickly. I am feeling better, being busy really helps. I have actually started lots of little projects in my bedroom. I am scanning all documents that need to be kept and save them on Google Drive. This way I can not lose them and I don’t need to all have them in my room. It takes forever though, I must have scanned hundreds of old bank statements yesterday, I am currently going through my university papers. However, feeling productive isn’t a bad thing and it gives me more storage.

On Friday I finally had my second Brazilian Blowdry. I had one in April 2012 and while it was great then, I am even happier with the outcome this time around. It saves me so much time in the mornings. Instead of having to straighten my hair for one hour or so, I only wash it and blowdry it for a few minutes. No straighteners needed unless I want to. It really suits my lifestyle so much and was worth every single penny.

It’s my birthday on Saturday and I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel like doing much, I am trying to live healthier at the moment and cutting out alcohol. I am trying to lose weight again and probably not the last time. Also, I am not ready yet to go out with all my friends to celebrate. I am just not ready. I can’t say that feel sad every day, but there are hours where I worry and I cry in my room without reason. I feel unhappy in my own skin, I feel dreadful about my weight and at the moment it’s easier for me to meet new people than meeting my friends.

I am also unhappy about not continuing university at the moment. I look into my options at the moment and I hope I find a solution. I can’t live without studying for some reason. It is all difficult. I keep you updated.

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  1. October 10, 2014 / 1:17 pm

    I do not want to write that i know how you feel since i don't. I don't know what you are going through in your life nor whats going on in your head. But i can say that your post struck a nerve in me and it helps to see that i am not the only one to feel that way sometimes. I wish i could tell you the magic wonder treatment to get you out of that feeling but well it either does not exist or i haven't found it yet either. But i can tell you to at least make sure to allow yourself this feelings. I know that often when i feel like this i end up beating myself up about feeling like this and that makes it worst. Allow yourself to be sad and to feel bad. Every emotion is a valid one. And please know that you just made somebodies day a bit better by sharing your feelings.

    Love und Alles Liebe XXX

    Michaela (german girl in belgium)

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