Weightloss Wednesday

My previous attempts to lose weight this year have failed, as well as every attempt the previous year and the year before that. I don’t have much willpower and it is much easier to eat a package of biscuits for dinner than to cook a healthy meal. I don’t actually eat a whole package of biscuits for dinner, but being insulin resistant I know what works for me and what not. A diet high in carbs and sugar makes me put on weight, while a diet high in protein and fat makes me lose weight. You say that doesn’t make sense? Maybe because you think low-fat is healthy and a diet high in fat can’t possibly make you thin. That’s fine and I gave up explaining people my theory of the matter. After all, who is listening to nutritional advice from somebody who is four stone overweight. I never ate much and I am not lazy and yet I carry a little bit more around the middle than I should. In January this year I made the decision to lose weight, I followed the Paleo diet for three months and I lost 24lbs. Below is a picture of me in the beginning of April just before I had my exams and thanks to a lot of stress I went back to my unhealthy eating habits.

I know that, of course, even in the picture above, I had a long way to my goal weight BUT I was closer than I am now. You wouldn’t believe how much I ate every day and yet I lost weight so easily. In the morning I ate a huge omelet, fried in butter – sometimes with cherry tomatoes, sometimes with mushrooms. At lunch I would eat a large salad with oil, lemon juice and some protein, either fish or chicken. Then in the evening I had vegetables with steak (again fried in butter – because butter is actually good for you) or chicken. If I was hungry between meals I would drink water and snack on nuts. I did not count calories and I wasn’t hungry. After a while I actually had to remind myself to eat, instead of waking up hungry in the morning I sometimes could easily go without food until early lunchtime. I also drank a lot more water throughout the day – a minimum of three litres. When you know think: Well, if the diet is so great – then why didn’t she stick to it? The answer is simple: I have a hate/love relationship with food. Of course you fancy that slice of cake at some stage. My trigger was Maxi’s Christening on the 12th of April: Lots of food I shouldn’t eat on the Paleo diet and I ate it. That’s fine, you know sometimes but I felt like I failed – again. So instead of continuing to eat healthy again the next day, I felt horrible and ate even more food I shouldn’t. The motto was to start again on Monday. Sunday evening, my friend and I ordered pizza for dinner after already binge-eating carbohydrates all day long.

I dreaded to go on the scales on Monday with a reason. I was nearly 7lbs heavier than Saturday morning. Saturday, the 12th of April I weighed in at 160.7lbs, on Monday my weight was up to 167.3lbs. I was in shock, disgusted by myself and instead of thinking, let’s go back to Paleo, it is only water weight and it will fall off easily, I fell into that dark hole again. I had the choice right there and then, I actually had the choice on Saturday, the day of the Christening. Instead, I ate more and more. Sunday, the 20th of April I was up to 171.3lbs. I knew I wasn’t going to make my goal weight until my holiday in June, I knew I failed again. My daily weigh-ins to keep me motivated and to check that the weight that fell off so far had actually fallen off, were over. I looked for excuses and I found them.

Not only did I eat rubbish, I also stopped drinking enough water every day. I replaced the my daily 3-4 litres of water with diet coke, was even hungrier and ate even more. This morning my scales ‘announced’ a weight of 180lbs, that is nearly 20lbs heavier than I was in the beginning of April. When I was offered to do a weight loss program with a newspaper I couldn’t say but yes. So today at 9:30 a cab picked me up and took me to the Tower Bridge Studio. When I arrived, I was greeted by the team and the makeup artist did a fantastic job with my makeup. It was a natural style we went for, the glamourous makeup will be done in eight weeks and yes, I am looking forward to it. My hair only needed a little more straightening and the stylist gave me some great jeans, a dark green top and some lovely shoes. Shortly after I was ready to have my pictures taken. Stewart Williams was the photographer and he is quite known in the scene. I was a bit nervous but he made me feel very comfortable. We took a few pictures of my, 3/4 length and the full body. Front, side and pictures from the back. A few times with a serious smile, and the rest with my best smile. It was so much fun, once I was in front of the camera I felt great. I am looking back to returning to the after shooting on the 18th of December. This is eight weeks from tomorrow and I am planning to lose 2lbs a week, making a total of 16lbs. Wish me luck and I need all your support. If you are trying to lose weight at the moment, leave your details below in the comment box and we can stay in touch. I know that eight weeks are only the beginning of my journey, but this is such a great inspiration for me. I don’t want to have my pictures published in a newspaper with a circulation of over two million a day and not having lost weight. So, every Wednesday from now on will be Weightloss Wednesday!


  1. Nayna Kanabar
    October 22, 2014 / 9:55 pm

    Good luck with your weight loss programme.

  2. Jo Smith
    October 22, 2014 / 10:03 pm

    massive good luck to you! I know that 'black hole' feeling. Do you use it as motivation, or get sucked in to sweet treat city?!
    I'm also running a weightloss series if you'd like to pop over – like you, it would be nice to have some support. 🙂 carsonsmummy.blogspot.co.uk

  3. October 23, 2014 / 6:41 am

    Best of luck sweety, i know you can do it. But please do not be disgusted by yourself. The urge for carbs is normal since they are addictive. Carbs are very calorie dense and best to put on weight, which is why our body loves them to prepare for bad times, just luckily in the days we are living, the bad times are not coming. Actually there have been studies in mice where they found that high carb foods could trigger similar reactions too the ones found when administering cocaine. So well, you are right with your assessment. A bit of complex carbs is for sure not wrong, however, if you want to loose weight fast, it is indeed the easiest way to skip them completely. If you eat enough fibre rich veggies and protein, you should be able to be perfectly healthy. Especially low carb will avoid the hunger attacks which come with sudden sugar drops. My best weapon for holding up a diet is pure veggie soups. But i know you do that already. And do not let anybody tell you how you should feed yourself, your body is yours and people have to keep their nose and their opinions sometimes for themselves. By the way, you look gorgeous in that picture, but i am sure you are looking gorgeous right now too.


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