Weightloss Wednesday

I know, I know. This is called Weightloss Wednesday, but I am posting it today on Thursday – however it is dated as Wednesday. Cheeky me! I have been so busy, yesterday I took the boys to see the Octonauts and later I met Nicki Waterman, Amanda Ursell and Emma Kenny at the News UK office in London as well as some of the other participants. I am so glad to have this opportunity and I really want to make the most out of it. It is only until Christmas, but I hope to stay in touch with the other participants for lots of support and motivation in the new year. I lost 5lbs so far, but yesterday and today wasn’t going so well. I feel exhausted and it’s hard to eat healthy. I need to motivate myself every day again and again, but I hope it gets better soon. 

We all got new pedometers, they are brilliant and work so well. Today I walked just under 10k steps and I am aiming for a lot more tomorrow. I didn’t really go out today apart from a walk this morning with Maxi. However, tomorrow I am aiming for over 10k steps and it should be easy as I am planning to take Maxi into town. Shopping! I am off to Zurich on Saturday morning and I need a few things before heading off.
So, I am off to bed now. Good night!
My new pedometer this morning – ready to go on a walk with Maxi.

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