Why Do I love Las Vegas so much?

Why do I love Las Vegas so much? Find out on my blog. - Travel // www.whatnadineloves.com

A few have asked me why I love Las Vegas so much? I don’t know how to describe it, but I try and I hope you understand me just a little bit. You might not know, but the majority of my friends are professional Poker Players. My best friend from Cologne, was the longtime girlfriend of the best poker player in Germany and he lives in London. I would often go out on the weekends for dinner and drinks with them and their friends, who became eventually my friends too.

Every summer there is something called the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas and it lasts eight weeks. Poker players from around the world would travel to Las Vegas, some for two weeks, some for four and some of them actually stay for the whole eight weeks. In 2012 I was finally old enough and could travel to Las Vegas for the first time. While I mainly knew my friend, her boyfriend and some of their friends from London, I met lots of other people in Las Vegas and a few that I met on the first night are some of my closest friends today. They live in Brighton and I see them quite often, while others I only see once or twice a year.

My friends live all over the world, mainly Europe, but it is still hard to see everybody all year around. Las Vegas is the only chance a year where I have all my friends in one place. They might stay at the same hotel or if not, their hotel is just a few minutes away. It’s fantastic to have all of them together and we have so much fun today. Last year I stayed at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in one of their Terrace Suites. All the Terrace Suites are in the West Tower with Fountain View and it is probably the best view you can get in Las Vegas. We had a party there one night and it is one of my best memories in Las Vegas. Another year I was one night in the same suite Prince Harry stayed in and played billiards in the same room he got naked in.

Las Vegas is so different from any place in the world you could go to. The weather is great. It is very hot, but the sun and the heat make me very happy. Give me two days in Las Vegas and I am the happiest person in the world. It’s the one place I can leave my worries behind, it is just about my friends and me and it is wonderful. I don’t have anything but amazing memories of Las Vegas and for me it’s the best antidepressant in the world. I am looking forward to go next year.

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  1. October 30, 2014 / 5:03 pm

    Vegas is one of the places I've actually never been to! I don't know the first thing about poker, but I'd love to go and see it all in action. I love being able to meet up with long distance friends as well. Hopefully I can get back to Japan soon…

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