Help to bring the Jack Beanstalk Juice Bar to Balham

As some of you will probably know, I am currently trying to live a healthier life and to lose weight. Well, actually I am always trying to lose weight, but I am finally on Metformin which helps me ‘battling’ my insulin resistance. It really motivates me to eat healthier and the tablets should make it easier for me to lose weight. Far more important to me is living a healthy lifestyle, eating more vegetables and fruit and cutting out processes food high in sugar. Unfortunately, in 2014 it is easier to buy a chocolate bar than an apple and that’s mainly down to us. Maybe we should think twice before eating a McDonald’s meal and instead grab a salad, drink a smoothies and of course, take the stairs and ditch the lift.

I am currently pledging for a project on Crowdfunder, supporting Jake and Claire, two young people passionate about juices, nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle. Jake loves juice, yoga and Balham. He moved from Brighton to Balham in 2009 and fell a little bit in love with the place. He has decided to give up his UEFA career after six years to bring fresh and healthy alternatives to Balham. Claire is an ex city lawyer and is now studying for a degree in nutrition. She loves raw treats, marathon running and budgies. Oh, and juice of course. Together they are trying to open a brand new vibrant juice and salad bar to Balham, which will be called Jack Beanstalk Juice.

Jack Beanstalk Juice will not only serve delicious fresh and nutritious juices and food, but it will be an educational hub for the people of London to come and learn more about juicing, ways to make being healthy easy and talks by various individuals on a variety of health related subjects.

Jack Beans Stalk Juice need your support to do this. They need to show a Landlord that London wants this juice bar, as they are a start up business the Landlord is unwilling to lease them premises until they prove their business will be successful. How you can show your support is by pledging in return for a number of rewards (ie pledge £10 and get your first 3 juices for free). With only two weeks to go and over £5000 to be raised please show your support now at If the project is not fully funded no money is received by Jack Beanstalk Juice and they will not be able to prove to the Landlord that people want a juice bar in Balham.
Don’t forget the share the juicy love, follow Jack and Claire on Twitter here and spread the word. Have a look at the menu below:

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