Personal Tuesday

I can’t believe it’s November already! Right now I am so busy. I am organising the Christmas Party at the end of November and I am also going to Blogfest this Saturday. I have never been to Blogfest and I wasn’t sure about going, but when the lovely people from Skimlinks offered me 20% of the ticket price, I really couldn’t say no. Instead of £95 I only paid £76. I can tell you one thing: Next year I am buying an Early Bird ticket, it was only £59.

I was in Zurich last weekend to visit my friend Theresa. I haven’t seen her for over 2 1/2 years and it was great to speak to her in person again. We had lots of wine, fun and far too much to eat. Sadly, I was only for one night in Zurich, not enough, but we made the most of it. I blogged about it here and you can see lots of Instagram pictures. I didn’t have a lot of time for sightseeing though.

At the moment I am finding it hard to sit down and blog. I get to reply to a few tweets a day, a few emails and then in the evening I too tired to sit down and start blogging. My back is in pain a lot at the moment and the only thing that helps me is codeine, but it also makes me very sleepy and staying up late is impossible. I am glad if I can make it past 9pm these days. I hope it gets better soon. I want to start running again and working out, for me, it’s easier to eat healthy without working out. So I do hope that I feel better soon. I can’t wait to run again.

It’s only a short Personal Tuesday, but I promise to write more next week.

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