The perfect present for all little ones – Worlds Apart’s Skoot

About two months ago I received the Skoot. George couldn’t wait to open the box and try it out. The Skoot was easy to assemble and George could skoot around the house easily with it. The rubber wheels are sturdy to ensure smooth riding. So far we only tried it out inside and not on the road, so I am not sure if it’s suitable for it.

The Skoot is a 2 in 1 Retro styled ride-on which also functions as a suitcase. It has a full steering column which makes it very easy for children to steer, grown-up can pull it and the carry strap makes it easy to carry. It makes the Skoot perfect for short weekend trips or as hand luggage for longer holidays. You can fit a change of clothes inside it and lots of toys to occupy your children on-board, it fits easily into the overhead lockers in aircrafts.

I really wish the Skoot wouldn’t just for children. Wouldn’t it be perfect for a Skoot in adult size? Do you have a Skoot? What do you think? If not, would you consider buying it for your children? No? You really should. The boys love the Skoot so much, that I can only get it out if one if them is not here or asleep, otherwise they are fighting over it, but Max is too small so of course George gets more out of it.

You can order the blue Skoot online here or the red Skoot here for £39.99.

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  1. November 10, 2014 / 9:59 pm

    YES let's try to get them to do adult sized ones!!

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