Visiting Farrow&Ball in Chelsea

Yesterday Max and I headed off to Chelsea to have lunch at the Farrow&Ball showroom on Fulham Road. Farrow&Ball are devoted to producing unparalleled paints and wallpapers that transform homes around the world. The company creates unmatched paint colours using the finest ingredients and age-old methods which have withstood the test of time. They also make handcrafted wallpaper created using their own paints to print designs onto paper using traditional block and trough printing methods, which is what gives them their uniquely beautiful texture. I am a huge fan of Farrow&Ball and lucky to fall asleep surrounded by walls painted in Farrow&Ball’s Clunch.

Farrow&Ball paints are born and bred in Dorset, in the same town they resided in since John Farrow and Richard Ball first founded the company. From small beginnings, their reputation quickly spread until the pair supplied paint to the Admiralty and the War Office. They are passionate about original formulations and a blend of carefully selected fine pigments and natural ingredients, when producing their colours. In 2014 Farrow&Ball is loved and appreciated all over the world. So, when I was asked if I would like to work together with Farrow&Ball and decorate one room I couldn’t say no. I have been thinking about painting my ensuite bathroom for a while now and to get advice from a company like Farrow&Ball is fantastic.

We met the lovely Joa Studholme. Joa is Farrow&Ball’s International Colour Consultant and has been with the company for almost 20 years. She is truly passionate about colours and used her wealth of experience to share many expert tips. More importantly, she explained exactly why some colours work and others don’t. It was great, because now I  can use everything I learned in the future when I decorate my place. I have so many ideas now. In the past, I always had great ideas, thanks to Pinterest and but I thought it’s impossible to pull it off in  a real home, however Joa was very reassuring and showed us with pictures of the rooms she had decorated that it works. I was fascinated, some of you might know that I am passionate about interior design. It’s something that I could imagine doing in the future, who knows?

How many people think that in rooms with little natural light, you can’t use dark, dramatic colours and instead opt for lighter shades? Joa showed us that in dark rooms, you should actually embrace it and use dramatic, darker colours.

‘You can’t fight nature.’ Joa Studholme

You also don’t have to have white ceilings, especially when you use darker, stronger colours. It looks much better to a sympathetic neutral colour on the ceiling. If you have a much darker colour on the walls and white ceilings, the  eye is automatically drawn to the contrast line between the two colours. You are more aware of the height of the ceiling and should be avoided in rooms with a low ceiling. If you soften the line between the two different colours it changes the perception of the height.

When you start decorating, start with decorating the hallway/landing first and then choose complementary colours for the rooms leading off this. She also suggested decorating the hallway in darker colours, too many people are trying to hard to get light into the hallway/landing area. Also, it is a good idea, to paint the woodwork e.g. skirting boards in a darker colour than the walls. It automatically looks a lot lighter than the other way around: darker wall colour and white skirting boards. If you have low ceilings, you can also paint any coving or picture rails in the same colours as the walls to make the walls look as tall as possible.

After the presentation Farrow&Ball provided us with a lovely lunch, lots of great sandwiches and wraps and Elderflower cordial. Max and all the other little ones behaved brilliantly and Max fell in love with two little girls. While Max slept, I could talk to Joa about painting my bathroom. Do you know what’s funny? I had a colour in mind and she recommended exactly the same colour. My colour of choice is Stiffkey Blue and I can’t wait to start painting.

Have you used Farrow&Ball before? What’s your favourite colour? 

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  1. Hannah Cornish
    November 14, 2014 / 9:40 pm

    My dad loves using their paint and wallpaper – looks and feels so professional doesn't it! Lovely idea for an event, too 🙂 I've followed you on Bloglovin and going to on twitter as well, I received a list of bloggers that are attending the M&Co event and you were one of them – I've never been to an event before so looking forward to meeting you! xx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

  2. November 15, 2014 / 6:06 pm

    You go to so many amazing events! I'm very jealous!

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