OXO Tot Sit Right Seat

OXO recently launched a toilet trainer seat that boasts universal use, side handles and non-slip edges and also looks great. I was curious to try it, well, I can’t use it myself, but George did and he really liked it. 
First, let’s start with the design. The seat is white, with green non-slip edges. It is very minimalist, a great product for all home design conscious parents who don’t want to see their child’s toilet seat first thing they enter the bathroom. The seat fits on any size toilet seat and is very stable and secure. The Sit Right Toilet Trainer seat has also a flat base, allowing it to stand up for convenient storage.

George sits very comfortable and secure on the seat, he also likes holding on to the handles. He can place the toilet trainer seat onto the toilet seat by himself, which is great as he usually goes to the toilet by himself. The shield prevents splatter and it is very easy to clean, a plus point to keep everything hygienic.

The OXO Tot Sit Right Seat costs £15, great value for money and I am sure owning one makes toilet training a lot more pleasant. To find out more about the seat, click here.

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