Personal Tuesday

I am late this week with posting my Personal Tuesday. Again. Now it’s more a Personal Friday than a Personal Tuesday, I know, I know, but the first moving boxes arrived and I started packing. I also sorted out my wardrobe and a lovely lady collected all my unwanted dresses. I don’t want to first put clothes into storage and then pay to send them to Istanbul, even though I don’t wear them anymore. I am starting with my books, clothes, magazines and everything else that I don’t need right at the beginning. I am then going through the rest over the next two weeks.

I am also still sleeping a lot and I am eating rubbish. I know it’s a vicious cycle, but the sugar keeps me going through the day. Well, at least for a few hours before I need my new sugar load. I am not too worried, I am moving soon and in Istanbul I’ll have more time. I can finally go back to the gym, during the day and not have to drag myself there in the evening as I would have to at the moment. I also found out that Personal Training is very affordable, even at the gym, I would like to go to and it is one of the more expensive ones. One full hour costs between 90-120 Turkish lira depending on the package I choose. The more hours I buy the cheaper it is. Even if I booked Personal Training by the hour it only costs £35. I paid £50 for a single session at my old gym. The idea is to start with 30 minute sessions at the beginning, I find one hour too long and then all I do is complaining about it. Should I get fitter and a bit stronger I can eventually increase to one hour sessions, at least that’s the idea.

I am flying to Istanbul tomorrow morning for one night to see where exactly I will live and if I like the area. I was told that Tarabya is a very beautiful and quiet area of Istanbul. It’s not directly in the middle of Istanbul, but alongside the Bosphorus with lots of green areas. The German Embassy actually has their summer residence there. Should things work out, I will move in two weeks. 

Some people have asked me if I am sad to leave my friends behind. Honestly? Not really. Okay, maybe a little bit, but it’s not the first time that I am leaving everything behind and it’s not the first time I was ‘left behind’. Moving to other countries and cities is pretty common amongst my friends and I am used to not having them round all the time. Those close to me will visit me and I will visit them, after all it’s Istanbul, not the end of the world. I will also be in London a few times, so it’s not like I am gone completely.

I have thought some more about what happened to this blog. Of course I don’t want to start something completely new, after all, my blog is a ‘long-term project’ and I will be back in London after a while. Might it be one year, two years or five years. Who knows?  I have such a loyal following and I don’t want to start from scratch, I also don’t want to spam you with everything I do on a daily basis with things that might not be relevant to you. I therefore have started German Girl in Istanbul with everything I discover in Istanbul, restaurants, sightseeing and my progress with the Turkish language. German Girl in London will still cover my personal topics, my endless journey to become fit and healthy and everything else that I would write about here regardless of location. However, I won’t start new social media accounts, so everything that I blog on both blogs will still be shared on my existing Twitter, Instagram and whatever else I use.

So, I am off to continue packing and preparing myself for the weekend. There is a small suitcase to pack and I need to get through the things I would usually do at the weekend, but can’t do as I am away. Have a lovely weekend everybody!

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