Four days in London

On Monday morning I took a flight to London Gatwick to stay three nights in London. My first three nights in London as a tourist, I never thought this would happen. My EasyJet flight was delayed, I was slightly angry as I had to get up very early after a short night and wanted to have a short nap on the plane. However, not only me, but a school class from Germany decided to fly to London that exact morning and probably never been in London before, they were very excited and even louder.

I had mixed feelings about going to London, I was worried about missing it too much and regretting my choice to take a break from London. On the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station I was sad and cried, I didn’t know why. I took the tube, I missed the tube so much and taking a cab to the hotel is just not the same. It’s only a few stops from Victoria to Embankment station and I travelled light, so it was actually quicker and easier than taking a cab.

The hotel we were staying in was very close to Trafalgar Square and right by the river. If you ever think about staying at the Citadines in Northumberland Avenue, I can only recommend you not to. The hotel was a real disappointment, we had to change apartments after checking in. It was in horrible condition and we were locked in on the second floor after the door handle fell off. The service wasn’t much better and I was never so glad to check out of a hotel. The room keys constantly stopped working and I actually had to get four replacements one day, every replacement was given out by the staff without showing ID or actually saying our names. All that was needed was the room number. Security, anyone?!

After checking in at the hotel and changing rooms, we all took a walk around Westminster. From the hotel to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, down Birdcage Walk to Parliament Square and then walking back from Big Ben to the hotel on Whitehall. I actually did a lot of touristy things while I was in London as I was with some people from San Francisco who had never been to London before. On Tuesday we took a river tour from the London Eye Pier to North Greenwich to take the Emirates Airline, but it was closed for maintenance work. Instead, we headed to the Tower of London. I didn’t see the Tower from the inside before, but we were too late to see the Crown Jewels. Next time.

On Wednesday morning I had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in South Kensington before visiting the Dinosairs at the Natural History Museum and checking out the Science Museum. In the afternoon we took a stroll around Southbank and taking a ride on the London Eye.

I realised while I was in London that London will be the place where I want to live long-term, but that I need to live abroad for a while. Living in London made me sick, I am now trying to get better in Cologne. Life here isn’t as fast paced as it is in London, I have enough time to ‘look after me’ and live a healthier life. Most importantly, I have more time to blog.

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