Personal Tuesday

This is the first Personal Tuesday I am publishing on time for a very long time.

So here I sit and I am writing again. I am blogging and it feels so good. I have so many things to write about, I don’t know where to start. I can’t believe I used to blog every single day – after I entertained two little boys for a whole day. I replied to emails, I scheduled blog posts, I attended events and it all felt so normal. I loved doing what I was doing. I want to get back to that stage, it felt so good being part of the blogging community. At the moment I feel like an outsider, but I am being optimistic about getting back into it. Of course not being in London at the moment makes it a lot harder as nearly all of the events are in London. I searched for blogging events for ‘professionals’ in Germany, but they aren’t any.

I am currently on holiday in Sylt to visit my auntie and to celebrate her 31st birthday. It’s quite busy here though, so I am not really getting the rest and the time to sit down to blog that I wanted. I arrived last Saturday and I will go home on Friday. I am dreading the train journey home though. I have to change twice and I only have a few minutes to change platforms.

My friend is off to Las Vegas in two days for five weeks. I will miss her a lot and I also regret not going this year. On the other hand, I really need to sit down and concentrate on my health. I am back on Citalopram (the anti-depressants) and Metformin for Diabetes Type 2. I could really kick myself, I knew that I had insulin resistance and that I was a high risk for Diabetes when I don’t change my horrible eating habits. What did I do? Nothing. I am glad that I am still off next week, I can sit down and really write things down and have another blood test. You know, the one where they take blood at the beginning, you have to drink a sugary liquid and they take more blood after.

Anyway, I will think about this once I am back in Cologne. Right now, I want to enjoy my last few days in Sylt. I hope you all have a wonderful week and you get to enjoy the great weather.

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