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As you probably know, I love to travel. I have been to many places around the globe, but I have never been to Greece. The country is high on my ‘To Visit’ list, and I am planning to go next year. My grandmother has been to Kos twice and she recommended it to me. I would like to stay in a place, that isn’t as touristy as Kos, though, and so I looked at places close by. One of the options is Kardamena. While offering great hotels to stay at and activities to do, it is still faithful to its roots and you can enjoy the Greek weather sunning on Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach Kardamena

Located on the southeast coast of Kos, it is a modern tourist resort located less than ten kilometres away from Kos airport. It’s known for its ‘party-hard or go home’ attitude, but Kardamena is so much more than a place to enjoy the night life. 
Kardamena used to be a simple fishing village, but the place has changed a lot over the years. Today it is one of the busiest spots outside of Kos Town. Kos is only half an hour away from Kardamena, so great for a day trip. 
Kardamena Aegean Village
My hotel of choice would be the Aegean Village, a four star hotel resort located on the golden sandy shores of the south coast of Kos. The hotel is built on a slope and offers guests a magical view of the sea. The facilities and entertainment are at the bottom of the slope. Don’t worry, there is a 24 hour complimentary minibus service that will take you to and from the hotel room at any time. Half board prices start at £399 per person with a sea view room in August. Of course, Kardamena is known for it’s Bar Street and you probably have the picture of young adults falling intoxicated out of clubs and bars. However, it is so much more than that. It’s a great place for couples, friends and families with children of all ages.

1. There are many activities in Kardamena, but if you have to do one thing, it is definitely visiting the volcanic island of Nisyros. A boat takes you to Mandraki, the capital of the island. You will visit Nikia, an old village that offers you great views over the volcanic crater, formed by a massive eruption in the 15th century. You can drink coffee or soumada, the local liqueur made of almonds. If you like you can walk around the crater and if you can climb up the top.

2. Spend the day on Paradise Beach and enjoy the sandy beach with the bright blue sea. If that doesn’t get you packing your suitcase, I don’t know what else will.

3. If you want a bit more action than the peacefulness on Paradise Beach, head to the Water Park in Kardamena. Fancy a bit of speed? Try the Kamikaze and if you are particularly brave, head down the Black Hole.

4. Try Scuba Diving. Loads of fish and good visibility make the sea around Kardamena perfect for Scuba Diving.

5. Take a day trip to Kos Town, the capital of the island. Full of history and culture, it offers also great stores to satisfy every Shopaholic. There are of course plenty of shopping opportunities in Kardamena too.

6. Try out Greek food. Many cosy little restaurants by the sea front offer fresh seafood and Greek specialities like Saganaki, prawns cooked in Ouzo and feta. Go easy on the Ouzo!

7. Visit Antimachia. It’s only a ten minute drive from Kardamena and you can visit the Greek House. There is also a windmill and if you are up to a bit of walking, you can explore the ruins of a Medieval castle.

8. Go fishing! There are daily fishing trips at 10am. There is a rumour that seafront restaurants will happily cook anything you catch for free.

9. Visit Avli, a traditional Greek restaurant located in a pretty courtyard. Try out Greek meatballs and stuffed vine leaves. It’s a family run restaurant and upon sunset they will light oil lamps. Pretty romantic, eh?

10. Read a book by the beach or by the pool, soak up the sun and relax. You are on holiday.

Good weather is guaranteed in Greece during the summer. Not only can you expect 12 hours of sunshine a day, but temperatures are usually in the 30s too. It is very uncommon to see a drop of rain in July and August. Sounds great? British citizen need a valid passport, but not  a visa to enter Greece. A flight from Gatwick Airport to Kos takes three hours and 45 minutes.
Kardamena is the perfect destination for a great vacation in Greece. Travel agencies like Holiday Gems are well established in the Kos area and can help you with everything from booking flights to finding the right hotel to stay. 

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  1. September 2, 2015 / 9:10 am

    This looks like a beautiful place for a holiday with friends or family. I wouldn't say no, that's for sure 🙂

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