Something precious in your home

At the end of March, I moved into my new flat in Cologne. It was a building side, new walls were added, others were taken down and the entire flat was painted in white. I am a perfectionist when it comes to the place I am living in and everything has to look great as soon as possible. Of course, decorating your places takes time and costs money, so the last three months I pretty much invested all my spare time in my home and my bank account can’t wait until this place is done.

In the entrance area I want to create the Precious trend. The trend focuses on the appreciation of all things vintage and antique. This could be a collection of old photographs, books or keys, but also just to draw the attention to a special piece of furniture. Of course, everyone interprets the Precious trend differently. To me, the best precious thing when I decorate my place are my photographs. They document memories, the fun I had on holiday, the great parties I went to and the time I spend with my friends. My precious friends.
A great way to decorate a room in the Precious trend, is to start with a traditional and classy pattern wallpaper. Graham&Brown has everything you need to create whatever you are after. Damask wallpapers are perfect for this and thanks to the great variety Graham&Brown has to offer, there is something for every taste. Different colours, different patterns – the choice is yours. Below are my personal favourites:

The Desire in Taupe/Metallic is great for a sophisticated look, but if you are a bit braver and want a more dramatic look, the same pattern comes also in purple. Of course, their are many more wallpapers in the Graham&Brown collection.

I am currently flat-sharing, so when I chose the wallpaper my flatmate and I had to make the decision together. We chose a stripped wallpaper for the Precious trend, our hallway is a lot longer than wide and my flatmate didn’t feel a pattern would be the best option for our entrance area. Our choice was the Figaro in Gold/Beige.

Not only offers Graham&Brown great wallpapers to create this style, they also have lots of great accessories to style your home. As I wanted to display my photography collection, I chose one of the picture frames from their collection. But be aware, the existing pictures in the frame are so pretty, you might not want to swap them with your photographs. You can order one of their picture frames here.

I also love their mirror and clocks. The Silver Fretwork Mirror (centre) is great for the Precious trend, so are the clocks on the left (the Cogsworth) and right (the Pocket Watch Clock).

This trends suits nearly every room and I think the best  thing about it, that everyone can interpret the style themselves. What is most precious to you? What do you want to be seen immediately by everyone that enters your home?

A disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Graham&Brown and I am participating in the ‘Year of Design 2015’. During the year I receive products, coupons, giveaway and promotions. However, all opinions are my own.

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