Eureka! – I have found it! (Archimedes)

It’s the fourth month of the ‘Year of Design 2015’ and it’s time for the Eureka trend. I am really looking forward to tell you more about this trend. This trend makes bold statements in your home and creates a sudden awareness to everyone who enters the room. I love that this trend represents all the colours of the rainbow and it doesn’t restrict you in anyway as long as you colour block. Who doesn’t love to colour block?
One of the best ways to create this trend is to use wallpaper with definite lines and shapes that organises bright colours and clearly separates the colours from each other. Graham&Brown has some amazing wallpapers in their collections that fits all the criteria to create the Eureka look.
Graham&Brown Deco Diamond Green Wallpaper by Hemingway
My personal favourite is the Deco Diamond Green wallpaper by Hemingway. Both the subtle green colour and the deceptively intricate diamond pattern have a very 1930s style.
Graham&Brown Wallpaper
I also think that the wallpapers Loopy Lines by Hemingway and Tower Blue really represent the Eureka style well. While the left wallpaper could have jumped right out from the 1960s, can the right wallpaper fit in well with retro and modern decorated homes. Graham&Brown has many fantastic wallpapers and you can find more geometric wallpapers here.
Of course, there is more to it than just the right wallpaper. How about adding some more accessories to your newly styled Eureka room? My personal favourites are the one above in the picture and you cannot have enough Lit Stars in your home. A Lit arrow is a great way to point to something you want to highlight in your room. Maybe your favourite sofa that’s so comfy, people never want to get up again or pointing out all your favourite books. The Smile Canvas surely catches everyones attention and the matching cushions are a must on your sofa.
What do you think of the Eureka trend? If you need more inspiration in recreating this look, read Graham&Brown’s Eureka article.
A disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Graham&Brown and I am participating in the ‘Year of Design 2015’. During the year I receive products, coupons, giveaway and promotions. However, all opinions are my own.

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