Broaden your horizon

I can’t believe it’s time to talk about another design trend again. Where has the last month been? This month trend is Horizon and I glad I can finally show you my favourite wallpaper from the Graham&Brown collection. But first, let me tell you a bit more about the Horizon trend. The main colour of the Horizon trend is blue. Blue can make you feel peaceful, tranquil and bring a cool, calming breath, fresh air into your home. But the Horizon trend is more than that, it is all about embracing Mother Nature into your home.
My bedroom reminds me of a forest. It’s east facing, so choosing green or blue colours for the walls is a great choice. My walls are painted in a greenish colour similar to the one on the picture above and my furniture is all dark brown. It definitely feels very sanctuary and I love spending time in my room, may I be sleeping, relaxing or working on my computer. I am also lucky enough to live by the river and it’s right in front of my bedroom. What my room is really missing, is wall art. My walls are still naked, even though I moved in nearly six months ago. I really like the Feather Duo and Feather Trio pictures. They would look great in my bedroom and bring a little bit more of Mother Nature into it.
But now, let’s talk about my favourite Graham&Brown wallpaper. It’s the Kelly’s Ikat wallpaper by Kelly Hopken. I think it really represents the Horizon trend well, it’s modern, it looks sophisticated and it would look great combined with white furniture. There are of course many more great wallpapers, you can find more wallpapers on the Graham&Brown wallpaper.
Are you inspired to create a little sanctuary in your home? Which room would you decorate? Let me know in the comments box below.

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