I’m moving again.

It’s official!

I accepted the job offer in Switzerland and I will move in January. Needless to say I am very excited and I can’t wait to see what comes next. The first thing I have to do now is to hand in my notice at work, I will have to do this by next Tuesday, but I am ill at the moment and I really feel a bit bad about handing in my notice a week after I have been sick for four days. On the other side, I didn’t choose to get viral meningitis. I started last Friday and looked like a stomach flu at first, but when my neck got stiff and my eyes started hurting it became clear. While my eyes still hurt a lot, at least my neck got better and I can manage the fever with Ibuprofen.

Last year at the same time I was also in the process of moving to another country and everything but Christmas was on my mind. This year it is just the same, but luckily it won’t be as stressful at last time. Last year I sorted out all my belongings and this year there is not much to do, but of course I have to pack up all my things and decide when what comes to Switzerland with me. I have one month trial period and I only want to take things with me that I will need during that time. Then, once it’s certain that I am staying I can get over all the things I want.

I am looking forward to being an Expat again. While my family has absolutely no understanding of me wanting to move abroad again, I can’t wait to get away from here. I am not running away from something as my grandmother suggested,  I just want to broaden my horizons even further, meet new people and being exposed to another language, in this case Italian, would be good for me too. I can settle down somewhere, when I am 30, when I have a partner and children. My family doesn’t get my desire to explore the world, they always stayed in one place and when they went on holiday, they mixed usually with only with other Germans at a holiday resort and not with the locals. They don’t understand. I am usually close to my grandmother, I try to understand that her upbringing was different to mine and that it was very different ‘then’, but she should also understand me and not try to emotionally blackmail me. It’s hard and it’s my family, but I only live once.


  1. November 26, 2015 / 9:26 am

    Best of luck with the move and I hope you enjoy your new job. Please don't worry about your family, they will come round.

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