How to eat healthy in Las Vegas

How To Eat Healthy in Las Vegas - Nourishing your body in Las Vegas with cold pressed juices and smoothies //

I am off to Las Vegas in less than five months and I am already researching places I can eat healthily at. Since my health struggle last year and the never ending try to lose weight and manage my PCOS, I am more conscious than ever about what I am eating. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to enjoy Las Vegas’s night life and drink a bit of alcohol, but instead of indulging in junk food after a night out  I want to nourish my body with good food. Las Vegas and Healthy Eating are not two things you hear connected very often, but I wanted to give you an overview on what’s out there. It’s easier than you think.

Pressed Juicery @ Aria Resort&Casino

How to eat healthy in Las Vegas - Pressed Juicery //

Last summer, Pressed Juicery opened its doors at the Aria Resort&Casino. Pressed Juicery is one of the nation’s premier juice brands, leading the industry in accessible wellness, nutrient-rich cold-pressed juices and customisable cleanse programs. I started juicing last year and managed a whole week without any solid foods. All juices are without additives and are cold-pressed using a custom hydraulic press to gently extract the maximum vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. I personally find juices much better than smoothies. Somebody said to me that the vitamins from the juices go straight into our body and we don’t need energy to digest the fibre but smoothies are better for weight loss as they keep full for longer. While I don’t want to do a juice cleanse anytime soon, I will visit Pressed Juicery when I am in Las Vegas in the summer after a night out clubbing or for breakfast before going to the pool. I am already excited for all their green juices and cold-pressed coffees.

Whole Foods Market Las Vegas

How to eat healthy in Las Vegas - Wholefoods Market //

Should you choose to stay at a hotel that has a kitchenette, I can recommend visiting the Whole Foods Store in Las Vegas located in Town Square. It’s only a two miles distance from the strip. You can either take a taxi or the Strip&Downtown Southbound Express. Sounds fancy, but it’s only a bus.

Protein House Las Vegas

I recently found out about this franchise outlet in Las Vegas and I am glad I did. Protein House Las Vegas was founded in 2012 with the quickly expanding fitness and health conscious community in mind. They offer a menu full of delicious and nutrient dense meals that are made fresh to cater to each person’s wishes and needs. They have an extensive menu from smoothies to signature pancakes and burgers. Protein House Las Vegas is located on 9555 S Eastern Ave Suite 125, Las Vegas, NV 89123 and I am yet to find out whether they deliver or not.

To be continued.

Do you know other places in Las Vegas that offer healthy and nourishing food? Let me know in the comments box below. 

How To Eat Healthy in Las Vegas - Nourishing your body in Las Vegas with cold pressed juices and smoothies //
How To Eat Healthy in Las Vegas - Nourishing your body in Las Vegas with cold pressed juices and smoothies //

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