Personal Tuesday

After one year back ‘at home’ I left Cologne last week to split my time and work between Lugano and Milan. I spend 12 months too long in Germany and I am really happy to be an expat again.

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.”

Last Wednesday I flew to Milan Malpensa as I stayed in Milan the first days of my new job. On Friday we then drove to Lugano, it’s about an hour drive. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been great and it rained a lot, but today the sun came out and I managed to get a few pictures from the view I have from my bedroom terrace. It’s just such a wonderful view, don’t you think? I can’t wait for summer so that I can have a dive in the pool.

My New Year, New Location Resolution was to start a healthy lifestyle again, cutting out all processed food and to finally quit diet coke. I can proudly announce that I haven’t had one sip of it since last Thursday. This might sound very ridiculous to you, but for me, it’s a huge accomplishment. I went crazy if I didn’t drink coke zero for two hours and I would order a takeaway in the evening when I was too lazy to walk ten minutes to the supermarket to get a bottle of diet coke. Further, I went back on Paleo and I am strong so far. Mentally, at least. Physically, I am quite tired, having cut out not only around four litres of diet coke a day and only eating roughly 8-10% of my usual carbs
So, I am looking forward to what’s coming next and I am off to bed now, exhausted and happy. 

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