Personal Tuesday

It’s Tuesday again. Time flies so fast – even in Switzerland. I have been in my new job for nearly two weeks and everything is going well. I really like Milan and Lugano and I am lucky to be able to travel within a short time to one to another. 
On Sunday I went for a little walk around Lugano Town. I shouldn’t have trusted the sunny weather, even though the sun was out it was freezing cold. Silly me went outside without a scarf and gloves. I had lunch at the Manor Restaurant. Manor is a store just like Debenhams or House of Fraser here in Lugano and even though it’s closed on a Sunday, the restaurant is open. The restaurant is buffet like, but the food is amazing. The chefs prepare fish and meat just to your likings in front of you. Unfortunately, the chef didn’t understand what I mean with rare and in the end my steak was nearly well-done. Nearly everything is closed in Lugano on Sundays and as it was too cold for a long walk around the lake I thought about going home early. Luckily, we have the LAC in Lugano and I wanted to check it out. LAC stands for Lugano Arte e Cultura and one of their current exhibitions is Anthony McCall’s Solid Light Works. It sounded interesting and I bought a ticket to see it. You are in a dark room and see nothing than the light projecting onto the walls. It was amazing but unfortunately very short. 

After I saw the exhibition, I bought myself an adult colouring book in the LAC shop. Recently so many bloggers wrote about the form of art therapy and as I felt very stressed last year, I wanted to give it a go. I bought a lovely Mosaics Art Therapy book and started as soon as I came home. I am now addicted to it and colour until 2am in the morning. On my way home I pass the lake and even though it was cold, the sun was out and the lake looked nothing but beautiful. 

It’s been a month since my surgery and I am feeling much better. Every day I have more strength and I am able to work out again. I eat better again and I cut out all the diet soda. I can’t believe myself that I am only drinking water now. I am at a much better place now and it was a good decision to move to Switzerland. On Saturday I fly to Germany to pack my last belongings and in February the moving van arrives in Lugano. I can’t wait to have my belongings back, especially my kettle bells. 
Have you been to Lugano? Do you like adult colouring books? 

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