Weekend in Cannes before the Film Festival

Cannes-La-Croisette-Hotel-CarltonI returned from my weekend trip to Cannes over a week ago and I had a great time there. I always loved the city and I am quite happy every time I am there. I had not been to Cannes for almost five years and I was really looking forward to going. Cannes has changed so much in the last five years, there are many new restaurants and shops, but it’s still the Cannes I remember. The beautiful port, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès and of course the famous La Croisette. It has reminded me why I should go more often in the future.


How to get to from Lugano to Cannes?

First, there are no convenient flights to Nice. One option is to travel up to Zurich and take a plane from there to Nice. Another option is to take a direct train from Milan Central to Cannes and as it seemed easier for me and allowed more flexibility, it’s what I did. Around noon on Thursday I took the train from Lugano to Milan Central and bought a train ticket from there to Cannes. Last minute ticket cost 50€ in second class and 65€ in first class. It takes 5:28h in total. Once you get to Genoa, it’s a very pleasant ride along the coastline.

Arrival in Cannes

I arrived just before 9pm at the train station in Cannes, went quickly to my flat to drop off my bags and do my make up again. It was almost ten when I left the house and I felt it was too late to sit down in a restaurant.

Steak’n’Shake Cannes

Just at the end of the road where I stayed opened Steak’n’Shake and I decided to have dinner there. It’s very similar to Shake Shack and I wanted to try it out. I’ve never heard about the chain before,
Is Steak’n’Shake better than Shake Shack? While Shake Shack burgers are much better than the Steak’n’Shake ones, the fries are better at Steak’n’Shake. I also prefer the branding of Shake Shack.
I went home, fell asleep quite quickly and had a good lie in on Friday morning. The previous two weeks had been quite stressful, travelling home from Aegina to Lugano on Wednesday and then taking the train from Lugano to Cannes. I left the house just in time for lunch. The last time I was in Cannes, I went to a great Italian restaurant for my birthday dinner. The restaurant is overlooking the Port of Cannes and it’s a lovely place to eat lunch and dinner. I ordered a simple Pizza Pepperoni and a double espresso. La Pizza Cresci is located at 3 Quai Saint-Pierre, 06400 Cannes, France and worth a visit.
After my lunch at La Pizza Cresci, I went for a walk along the Port of Cannes and the La Croisette. Once you pass the Palais you are on Square Reynaldo Hahn. It’s a lovely walk and if you are in Cannes for the first time, I recommend walking from the Port of Cannes to the Pointe Croisette.

La Californie Cannes

Maurice Guillouet opened a new restaurant at the end of April in Cannes: La Californie. I spotted this restaurant already on Thursday night, but it was busy and no table was available. I returned on Friday night a little bit earlier and I was lucky. It’s a small but well picked menu and I choose the salmon with salad. What sounds like a very simple menu and looked rather plain, was probably the best salmon I have ever eaten in my entire life. It was perfect. The restaurant is, like Cannes, a bit more expensive, but it’s so worth it. I paid 70€ (£54) including a tip for my meal, my desert and a gin and tonic. The service was outstanding and I will return next time I am in Cannes.
After dinner, I walked home and went to sleep early as I wanted to wake up early the next morning. On Saturday I had an appointment to get my eyebrows sorted. I am embarrassed to say that I never had it done by a professional and I was always worried I would get the looks when they saw my eyebrows. I booked an appointment with the Benefit Brow Bar and I am so glad I did. My eyebrows looked amazing afterwards. Not only did the Benefit beautician dye them darker, but she also plucked and waxed them into a great shape. I wish I had gone earlier.
The Benefit Brow Bar is inside the Sephora in Cannes, located at 53 Rue d’Antibes, 06400 Cannes, France.

Royale Plage Beach Club Cannes

Royale-Plage-Beach-Club-ViewOn Saturday it was quite warm in Cannes and I wanted to go to the beach, but I prefer to go to a place where I could order drinks and cocktails. Royale Plage Beach Club looked very inviting and not too busy. The beach club provides sunbeds and towels for 20€ a day, which is a bargain in Cannes. At the beginning, it was rather windy and the water was quite cold, but once you got used to it, it was okay. 15€ for one Gin and Tonic and 21€ for a Club sandwich are normal Cannes prices. A week earlier, I was at the beach in Aegina where Gin&Tonics cost 6€ and 8€ for a Club sandwich. Take me back to Greece anytime.

Royale-Plage-Cannes-Beach-ClubIt was my last day in Cannes and for dinner I went to Steak’n’Shake again. I went home early to pack my suitcase and prepare for my departure on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, there was no direct train from Cannes until Milan before the afternoon and I had to change trains twice. I had a great time and I can’t wait to return soon.

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