Thinking about my first holiday cruise*

Holiday Cruise Ship
 As a blogger who interacts with fellow bloggers on Twitter and Instagram a lot, I see more and more people sharing their holiday cruise adventures and every single picture makes me very jealous. I have travelled a fair bit, but I have never been on a holiday cruise and I would really love to. This year it will become a bit difficult as I am starting a new job soon and I don’t know when I can have time off, but next year would be a good time. One of my dream destinations are the Fjords, Island and the Arctic. I once watched a documentary about it and it was so beautiful, I really hope to do it one day.
Cruising is such an easy and convenient way to travel. You only need to unpack once and you can experience different cities in different countries in one cruise holiday. I also think it’s good value for money. The cost of a holiday cruise often includes not only accommodation, but also dining and entertainment as well as many on board activities. You also don’t have to buy for flights, trains or any other form of transport to get from one city to the next.
I am already researching a little bit for next year and there are so many things to consider. Luckily, holiday cruise lines such as Thomson Cruises offer a lot of advice to first time cruisers like me. Two questions I immediately asked myself, first what I will need to pack and secondly, how will my on-board experience be as a solo traveller?

What do I need to pack for a holiday cruise?

There is no need to pack differently than for any other holiday, but it’s a good idea to take a wind jacket with you. There is often a strong sea breeze and it would be a shame if you would stay inside all day. The dress code on board is smart-casual, and you can pack something a bit for fancier for formal dinners, where black ties and cocktail dresses should be worn. Of course you also need to consider the dress code of the countries to will stop in, for example, if you plan to visit an Islamic country you should wear something that covers your shoulders and knees. Also, if you plan on visiting a mosque or any other holy site, it’s important to cover your hair, arms and legs. So, that’s something you should consider.
Holiday Cruise Ship Deck

Will Solo travellers enjoy a cruise?

That’s one important point to me. I often travel on my own and while it’s easy to meet fellow travellers abroad, I wondered how it will be on a cruise. Should I choose to travel next year, it’s most likely that I will go on the trip by myself. I would have never thought that the cruises have a social hostess on board who arranges get-togethers for solo travellers, for example dinner and coffee mornings. This completely changed my view on cruises, as I thought it’s mainly for couples and families.
Of course, there are many more things to consider, and if you have any cruise travel tips please let me know. If you are thinking about going on a cruise soon, why don’t you check out Summer 2016 cruises to awesome locations like Dubrovnik, Barcelona and Venice?

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